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This is dedicated to my brothers. And most of all my hood!! BAMA THIS IS FOR YOU. I'LL NEVER FORGET MY ROOTS!! FLO-TOWN 4-EVER

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007



 It was a slow day on the west side of town. Sydney sat on the porch enjoying the hot summer day. Sydney was a twenty-five year old chick,with tons of experience under her belt. Not only did she do her thing in the career world,she also  held it down in the streets. Ever since her father walked out and mother died of cancer,she had to raise herself and two brothers. But she was linked to a life of crime and hustling. "Hey Syd,you seen my jordan's?" Solja asked pushing open the screen door."Um, I think Wood wore'em last night." "I'ma kill'em!!" Solja yelled "Relax" Sydney said rolling her eyes. She knew both of their tempers. In the next five minutes they would be tearing up the house. "Yo Wood, why you wear my J's man?!" "Man nigga, fuck yo J's!" Wood said in a laid back way. "What nigga! What it do then?" Solja said throwing up his hands. "Homeboy, I'll shoot you!" Wood said laughing. By that time the phone rang. It was time one of Solja's many women. He had no time for fighting now,it was time to spit game."That's what I thought nigga!" Wood yelled at Solja as he walked off. Solja stuck up his middle finger and went into his room. Sydney just shook her head and giggled. For them to be brothers they were totally opposite. Wood was laid back,cool always calm. Solja on the other hand:was buck ass wild!! He was known for shootin,fightin or slappin the shit outta someone. Between the two of them Sydney spent thousands bailing them out of jail. Everyone always told her,her brothers would be the death of her. She figured it was a fair trade because she knew they'd die for her. Sydney was quiet and sweet,but even her brothers knew not to cross her. She was beautiful with brains and every man wanted that. Just as she started to walk into the house two of their homeboys walked up. "What's up Syd?" "What's up guys?" She replied. Duke and Pain were two guys Sydney and her brothers grew up with. Duke was the smart nerdy nigga out the click,but he was down with his crew. Now Pain; Pain was the enforcer. He stood six-two and weighed two hundred and ten pounds. He was dredded up with tattoos everywhere. All the girls on the westside tried to get at him,but Pain was stuck on Sydney. For years Pain tried to get with her,but to no avail."Hey Syd,why you won't give me a chance?" Pain asked. "A chance for what?" "To love you,man!" "Whateva boy!" Sydney said laughing. Duke joined in on the laughter. "Man, give it up!" Duke said. "Fuck you point dexter!" Pain yelled as they walked in the house after Sydney."Get off the phone makin love punk ass nigga!!" Pain bellowed at Solja while beating on his door. "What up niggaz!!" Wood said coming from his room. Everyone knew what time it was;time to smoke.

Sydney went into the kitchen to fix some food. Solja finally came out his room to whoop Duke on the X-BOX 360,while Wood and Pain rolled up a quarter of that sticky. As they sat around smoking,eating and talking they stumbled on to a serious subject. "What we gon do about Jaks?" Duke asked stuffing half a turkey sandwich into his mouth. Pain just looked at him. "What bitch?" Duke said loudly. "You a greedy muthafucka!!" Pain said. "Yeah okay nigga,fuck you!!" Sydney stopped the altercation before they got heated. Now Jaks was a nigga who had come to the south from up north. He was down with them for a couple of years until rumor circulated that he was a snitch. By then it was too late when they found out it was true. Jaks snitched on Wood about a robbery that took place. And since this was Wood's third strike,he was going away for good. All it would take was for Jaks to testify,that wasn't gonna happen. It was either Jaks or Wood,and it wasn't gonna be Wood! "We gotta do that snitchin ass bitch!!" Wood said heated. Sydney could see the worry in her brothers eyes. They tried to be hard,but she was their weakness. "Why don't you call up Guns?" Sydney asked Wood. Guns was a ruthless nigga. He had damn near the whole city on his payroll. They say even the police chief worked for Guns. All that pull and only thirty. He always looked out for her brothers, mainly because he wanted in good with her. "If you talk to him Syd,he'll help." Wood said putting her in a headlock. "Stop bitch!!!" Sydney screamed. She punched him hard in the chest. "Yeah I'll talk to him." The clock read 10:55 a.m. It was Tuesday morning,and the boys were gone to make money. Since she was home alone she pulled out her letters from her ex. Terrance Thompson was Sydney's  boyfriend for five years. They were engaged to be married this year. Terrance played football for the University of Alabama. He was a very popular young man. Terrance was expected to be first draft pick for the NFL until it happened....They were in the club celebrating his good news on the draft when a fight broke out. Once bullets started flying everyone started running. But Terrance didn't make it,he caught a bullet to the throat. Sydney could barely stand at the funeral. The service was beautiful,and they had a picture of the two of them laying in the casket. As she opened the letter she began to sob. Just six months ago they would've been married. She took a deep breath an read aloud the last letter her lover wrote her,it read: "My darling Sydney, my life has been because you're in it. Never will I stop loving you,and only death can keep you from me." Sydney stopped reading and picked up her engagement ring. She knew it was time to let Terrance rest in peace. Now she was better and he would be proud. "I love you Tee." she said softly. Then she put the letter and the ring in her safe. The doorbell rang and startled her. "Who is it?" "Its kevin." a voice answered. Kevin was a runner for her brothers. See  Solja and Wood never actually dealt in the streets. They had their own little crew doing all the work. They sat at the pool room all day and drank. "Whats up Kev?" "Guns said he wants you to meet him tonight." "Okay where?" she sighed. "At the Cantina." "What time?" "Eight o'clock" "Aight" Sydney really didn't want to meet with him,but her brothers freedom depended on it. The clock read 7:45 and she was outside the restaurant fixing her hair. She looked good enough to eat in an all black dress,showing her thick full figure. As she entered the restaurant she was quickly seated with Guns. "You look good!" Guns said smirking. "Well I try." Sydney said rolling her eyes. She had to admit though he looked nice. As they sat and ate Guns started to speak. "Now tell your borther his situation is handled." "But....how?" "Don't ask questions you really don't want the answer to,Syd." Guns warned.She accepted that and they ate in silence. When she got home she found her house full of people. It wasn't unusual to come home to a full house,she didn't mind.Wood turned down the music and asked if it was okay. Sydney looked at him and smiled. "Have fun!" she replied. She went into her room and laid across her bed. Her cell phone rang;it was Guns. "Hey girl, I can't get you off my mind." "Well what you want a cookie?" she stated sarcastically. "Naw, I just wanna see you." "When?" "Now." "I don't know where you live." "Look outside." When she peeked out her window she saw a black Lexus in her driveway."Whats this?" she asked "So you don't have to drive." Sydney grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She made sure she had her cellphone on. Her brothers would be calling her soon,just checking on her. She got into the Darkly tinted car and rode off.

When she arrived at Guns' house,she was amazed. Even though he was a bachleor,his place was spotless. "Come on in."Sydney followed him into the livingroom where she saw the biggest picture window. He also had alot of valuable paintings. Maybe there was more to Anthony "Guns" Jackson, than she realized. "You have a nice place." "Thanks" he said motioning for her to sit down on the leather sofa. She sat on the couch by the huge picture window over looking the Tennessee River. "Whats going on with us?" Guns asked handing her a drink. "What do you mean?" "I mean; there's some attraction between us, I can feel it." He moved in close to her,she inhaled his cologne. It was so intoxicating it made her dizzy. "I don't know what you're talking about Guns" He put his hand on her thigh."I want you Syd. I been wanting you." He began kissing her neck. Sydney jumped up and walked across the room. By the time she got there Guns was right behind her. Guns pinned her up against the wall,and began kissing her all over. His kisses were hard and touch a little too rough. "Stop!" Sydney yelled.  That only made him more aroused it seemed. Finally she was able to push him off of her. She grabbed her purse and ran out the door. This was a night she just wanted to forget....... Well I'ma end right here. But stayed around for the rest of "FAMILY TIES"

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