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For everyone that has someone they love locked down!!!!!!

Submitted: February 10, 2007

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Submitted: February 10, 2007



I'm impatiently waiting

on my man today

He's coming home from

those four walls

that kept him away

Locked away for some years

But we never lost love

Cause you see

our love was sent

from up above

When he hurts

I can feel his pain

And when he hits

the spot that makes me hot

I scream out his name

I write him everyday

on the letter I leave my scent

In his head he thinks

"Oh,damn if I could

only repent

Cause I left my girl

alone and I

don't want her to move on."

But losing me will

never be

I'm true to you

like you are to me

Phone sex is what

you need thats fine

Anything you need to

keep me on your mind

Yeah his boys talkin bout

how when he get out

how they gon ride

But they already know

I'll be the one by his side

He introduced me

to the streets and 

and changed my life

So I don't need a diamond

ring to be his wife

I guess what I'm trying

to say

Is you made everything bright

And when you get out

don't worry

we'll make things right!!!

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