Dismanteled Lies

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liars, cheaters, boys... you know. ;)

Submitted: April 04, 2011

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Submitted: April 04, 2011



With lying, cheating, scoundreling eyes,

You fill my heart with dismanteled lies.

Fixed emotions portray your bliss,

You show it with a tempted kiss.

Dramatic words spill from your lips.

Deranged from you with chains and whips.

The poisonous voice I can't with-hold,

A weariness so deep and cold.

A treacherous sight to see.

An unwanted lust to this degree of integrity.

Your discrepency makes me weak.

Discouraging words so harsh and bleak.

Blood stains from my protruding heart.

Your conceding actions tore apart,

A love once yours to hold,

With a grip so meek but bold.

A grotesque sensation of my fate

Increases my heart rate.

It stops.

Your words have left me cold and dead.

Emotions no longer intrude my head.

With your lying, cheating, scoundreling eyes

You filled my heart with dismanteled lies.

Until you took it as your prey,

And left it to slowly, meaninglessly decay.

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