Four Words and out

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a prayer for writer's block . . .

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




If I could write four words and it was over

What would be the phrase?

If I could write four words and it would be over

How could I make it right

Would I want to make it right

Does it have to be right?


If I had to write four words and it was over

He would be redeemed

She would be ready

They would both be full of hope

And four strings would align with notes of depth and harmony


I could lay it all down in peace

I could stop saying forever

I could stop saying someday

And it would simply be now

Four words, four notes, four paragraphs, four chapters, four sounds


Four words and the gate is open

Its over and done with

No guilt, no doubt

No more in the mire, no labored breath or weighted shoulders

A slow dissolving into doing nothing

Or doing something new


Four words, four breaths, and a new creature is born

Complete, autonomous, to shakily stand on its feet

To grow wings or tumors, bad habits or nasty rumors

Free to handled, free to be held the wrong way

For the wrong reasons, for the right one

For more than just me


Just four more

Do I collapse, do I crumble

Do I remember the chills and nausea

As they rolled around and emptied out of me

Too heavy to be anything more than pinned to the bed


Such a crazy, thick illusion

Four . . . tiny . . . words

And time is captured

© Copyright 2018 Keisha Gamman. All rights reserved.

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