Homage to him

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to someone that I am grateful to . . .



The whole seems tilted towards a howling maelstrom of ugliness

A terrible presence the world throughout, inescapable, maddening

Fragile to the touch, with violence underneath

Everything predatory, all your flesh, all your soul consumed

But a brightness exists that you faintly remember

Perhaps not vividly,

Perhaps not fondly, this light that has turned its face from you

Better to drudge through dull days than concede

To the blackness

Or to the great and terrible truths shinning just behind every loose piece of shale

Crumbling off the walls of your dim and murky prison

Become ugly just to blend in with it

Desire not to struggle against it

Not to confront it

Not to mention it

Not to see it

When along comes

Another human heart

That somehow manages to allure,

Perfect as a mirror

Innocent and exceedingly bright

Deeper than the greatest work of art, the reasons why you cannot look away

And on the field of your peripheral vision

All your senses catch a gleaming

Of the most magnificent sunrise

In a chariot of the warmest winds, of the wildest colors known to birds and reptiles


Pierced by the most accurate of arrows, you come to know what they mean by falling

Your body plummets to the bottom, and you come out through the other side of the black sludge


Like you’ve never, ever wanted before

To be beautiful and loving and radiant

Red blush of the sky, soft, scented breath, billowing adornments, twilight eyes

If only to pay homage to him

If only to pay homage to him

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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