So Beneath you

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Love, with reluctance

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012




And every time I pick it up

It’s upside down

Burns up in my godamn hand

Quicker than I can see your face


And the horse you rode in on

I hate your terrible flash

Your wooden sword

You are so peter fag

No reason why your blunt end should

Have run right through me like that


But it is better to regard the arrow in your heart and attend to that wound

Than to stand there screaming

If only I could

  Stop saying your name in my sleep

  Mouth it when I talk to myself

  Yet another character

  In a book yet unborn

  Fetal fiction floating

  Spineless & sightless

  In the rosy amniotic fluid

  Of pleasant thoughts and fantasies

No where near the reality of you

That I prefer to keep packaged

On a shelf, safe somewhere

So I don’t have to pick up the hot coals

And cauterize the fringes

Of my tattered, mincemeat heart

With the scowl of the devil on my face

Where I would have much rather have

Held your power

In great and terrible infinite

To show the world great magic still thrives

Under all these plated scabs

© Copyright 2018 Keisha Gamman. All rights reserved.

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