The Cloud

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A bit of writing I hope a friend will see for what it is. A description of what might be his current situation. I found myself walking in the shoes I think he wears now, so when he spoke to me recently and he seemed to be in "The Cloud" he inspired the writing.

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Submitted: December 24, 2009

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Submitted: December 24, 2009



The Cloud

I can't see a thing
Panic rises up and kills my everything
There once was a sun in my blue sky
Why can't it be day again and dry
I decided to talk to a psychic in hopes of again being proud
He said after less than a minute my shroud was a cloud

I thought with puddles and rain in my head what the hell
I was certain I caught him on an off day when he could not tell
The Truth was that at the time there was no way I could see
I was in a small world of white noise without true perception of anything not me
It was worse by far than forest for the trees as I have heard some say
It was glare of silence and shroud of thick fog of a cloud on calm bay
Icy water paralyzing
nothing can break awake

My heart broke then egoes blood all spilled out
The sun that shone at that time turned all to a fine mist
nature moved the mist to cover mine eyes
I could then no longer see the good in world and in me
Dark and dreary shapes were all my clouded vision allowed
It might have been an ocean in this small cloud

Blotted out was the sun
Silenced were my friends
Ego rained a water barrier
All perceptions muffled, distorted or muddled
A perception of self was this cloud of negativity
Drawn up by an artist whose name is long lost amidst a sea of white
There is no evil it is just a veil

An ink stain
a blot
Oh and imagine it art to caress your pain
Reality is that its just some smudge
A wound perhaps turned into grudge
It doesn't really matter because the truth is the cloud is now lying
Hiding behind the cloud lies ego you perceive as dying
Blood spatters awash torn asunder and crying
Depth of wound face down on the ground
Love cries out but you can't hear a sound

Taken into your heart the cloud becomes water again
Recognize a friend and an expression of love
Who knows what dove wakes from above
If not from His word, from a good shove
The sun comes out bright and hot
Clear day suddenly rings out like a shot
Finding peace again to replace what shame
It has no power no space no name
The cloud the mist the rain
Some how some way got over the pain
Get up get out share whole self once again

A word spoken so loud
seems all broken against this cloud
Deaf is fear
brought on tear
so best I can say to friend a peer
Let your own wind lead you out of the storm
Fear not to fall as you move back towards your norm
True look to your eye
don't stop to cry
peace you will spy
I do not lie

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