The Keeping of the Light

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Jamie Wyndwood has lived a modest life in the little hamlet of Rivermouth, trapping and trading. However, when unexpected tragedies put the townsfolk at risk, he sets off with his best friend on a dangerous journey to the capitol to seek help. What begins as a rescue mission soon becomes a struggle to survive in which Jamie and his people must fight to find their place in an unforgiving world. Under threat of war and the resurgence an ancient, mysterious force, nobody is safe.

Author's Note:
A large portion (29 chapters) of the rough draft of this book had been posted on booksie previously, but given that the second draft includes major changes to story, character and place names, and stylistic choices, I have decided to delete the rough draft chapters and will post the new versions here, one at a time, to avoid confusion between the rough draft and these new, more polished chapters. Thank you for reading.

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Table of Contents

World Map

This map matches the one described in Chapter 6 - The Mapmaker. ... Read Chapter

A Song in the Storm

Whether the wood in the stove was burning extra hot or it was just the bitter berry wine starting to take, that night seemed warmer than ... Read Chapter

Silver Eyes, Silver Foxes

The next morning, Jamie's dreams of chocolate, wine and silver-blue eyes were interrupted by a cold shiver that shook him violently awake... Read Chapter

Dead Men and Letters

Nearly all the town had fled their homes in the early morning during the waning of the storm, hoping beyond hope that some sort of rescue... Read Chapter

A Desperate Plan

Fifty-seven days had passed since Felysa Tyndwell had left Rivermouth for good. The nights at Jamie's cabin had lost much of their good h... Read Chapter

The First Few Miles

It was past noon when they had finally packed their bags with the necessary travel gear – cloths of dried kelp and root, knives, spare ... Read Chapter

The Mapmaker

Back in Rivermouth, Lyca watched as her little brother turned over in his sleep. It had been a long time since he last got some rest, but... Read Chapter

Something Older

All around was the blackness of the water pressing in from every direction, squeezing him in an icy clutch. He tried to yell, to make som... Read Chapter


It was well into the afternoon when they decided to stop walking and make camp for the night. The weather so far had been decent, but the... Read Chapter

Fire on the Ice

The distant shrieking of a raptor sifted through the drifting snow as the trio of travellers made their way along the shore path. They tr... Read Chapter

Blood and Bone

Lyca grasped a handful of coarse black feathers and yanked hard. The crow – stiff and half covered in drifting snow – was frozen hard... Read Chapter

The Iron Guard

The trio, led by Maven, crept warily on through the night. Guided by the light of their flickering torches, they stepped precariously fro... Read Chapter

Riverfolk and Raiders

Lyca woke up with a start. Her dreams had been wild and she had barely slept, but she realized now that things were okay. Okay? I must be... Read Chapter


Jamie closed his eyes tight against the world and bit his tongue so hard he tasted blood. Gods, why did I have to look down? The rope aro... Read Chapter

Leaving and Dreaming

There was still smoke drifting from a few chimneys when they left. Rivermouth, for the first time in centuries, was empty. She had be... Read Chapter

The Captain's Daughter

“We'll make landfall in a day, Ratt reckons,” said the captain of the Cormorant to his daughter. “I bet him a cask o' black beer I'... Read Chapter