The Curse of Torro: Book 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  No Houses

Here our tale begins with simply a curse and ends in revenge. Continues in THE DARK CAPTAIN.

Table of Contents

The Curse of Torro

Somewhat of a necessary read. The tense does change to the present after this!
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The Tailor

Rhazi, heiress of Norafer, decides something must be done about the unfit affections of An-ra and Nane.
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The Ritual of Plenty

The Ritual of Plenty is cursed
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The Maps

An-ra continues the search for Nane, hoping to find answers in the city of Dirk.
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The Princess

In the crescent of the Torque Mountains, a small kingdom falls under the threat of a greedy wendigo. He comes to thei... Read Chapter

Mount Jortec Trail

The Princess visits the Mount Jortec trail
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The Wendigo

The Princess confronts the monster.
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The Ice Road

She stumbles toward Caroon, the pain from her battle almost unbearable. The loss of blood shortens her breath and tun... Read Chapter

The Ash Plains

The trio brave the eerie Ash plains
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The Castle of Torro

In which the trio explores the cursed castle
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A Rehu Rag

In which a young man goes to Dirk to make a life as a violinist.
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A Thief's Opportunity

Inside the hostess weaves through the obnoxious disgusting men, pouring drinks as she does. The stench of alcohol is something ... Read Chapter

Settling Sail

  The years pass, and Sadco’s fame grows with his skill in manipulation. As his talent and popularity grew, the thief would se... Read Chapter

Sinking Ship

Sadco feels even greater seasickness below deck, but at least now the sea is calm, and the boat more steady. A round bolted win... Read Chapter

The Ice Queen

  A great calm settles over the Prince as they drift ever closer to the isle of Fouren. A briar of thorns twirls in his heart at... Read Chapter