Freedom of Speech And Her Cost

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Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



Beauty and destruction
A lady of light
A lady of wind
Eyes like diamonds
And a tongue of steel
She breathes fire and death
She sings storms still
Free to no one
Desired by all
She binds the oppressors
And looses the oppressed
Loved by suffering,
Despised by power
Now she's in prison -
Shackled and chained,
Blind folded and gagged
She wants someone to free her.
Listen closely
Be still
Do you hear her sweat sweat song?
Her lullaby screams?
Don't listen too closely
She's a witch
A fiend
Her song is a lie
Her music's a plot.
She can't give you the freedom you long for,
She only has two things to give -
A grave for the bold,
A casket for the brave.
You say you want to free the slaves -
But do you know her price?
Do you know what her service will cost?
One cold frozen heart,
One unfulfilled life,
One free captive per generation,
One free captive per race.
Do you still want to unleash her?
Do you still want to go?
You might not live to regret it.
Many have been to free her
And have never returned,
Many have been her allies
But they died in an instant -
Burned at the stakes they were nailed to,
Shot with the guns they held.
Martyrs -
That's what they're called.
You can go if you want
Speak out if you must,
But remember,
You might never get to see the freedom you long for.
My strength is all I can give you
My support is all I have left,
But if it should fail you,
if you grow weak,
Think of what you've been through
And what the future holds,
Think of those who went before,
Those who fought and lost,
Never give up.
Go now,
Speak for what you believe in
Release her,
And let Freedom reign.

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