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A short story I had to write for my English class.

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013




Zoe can’t believe that she is finally graduating from high school. It feels so surreal remembering everything that has happened to her since she turned eighteen. For one, the crush she had on Noah Smith has developed into a serious relationship. They were, also, both fortunate enough to get accepted into the same college, and they will be able to attend school together in the fall. Unfortunately, Zoe’s parents haven’t changed much in the past 10 months. Zoe’s mom still works as a lawyer and her dad continues to be a doctor, yet Zoe rarely spends time with her parents because their jobs keep them so busy. Lastly, Zoe has a secret and Noah was able to figure it out. When she turned eighteen, Zoe was given the ability to fly…

Zoe Miller has always had a place where she can go to think or just be herself, and she was able to find her hiding spot on the roof of her house. At a young age, Zoe realized that her bedroom had a window that led to the roof, now she uses it as her escape up in the sky. Today is August 23rd and Zoe is going to celebrate her eighteenth birthday (at midnight) on top of her roof. Also, there is a comet predicted to shoot across the sky at the same time, and Zoe has been planning to watch it fly over her tonight.

Zoe believes that if she makes a wish on the comet at the exact time she was born, her wish will come true, and now that she is eighteen, Zoe wants her day-to-day life to be different.

So, when the comet soars above Zoe at midnight, she closes her eyes tightly and pleads, “I wish there was more excitement in my life, something that will make me unique.”

Then, after she opens her eyes again, Zoe looks up at the comet and sees that the star is beginning to gradually get brighter. She believes something is about to happen, so she eagerly watches and waits for what it might be. Unfortunately, Zoe finally understands that her wish didn’t come true when the comet eventually flies out of sight, and she goes to sleep feeling disappointed.

The next day, Zoe isn’t surprised that her parents forgot her birthday again. She wakes up to an empty house. No one says “Happy Birthday!” and no one gives her any presents. However, her parents love their jobs, and who is she to complain if they are happy? So, instead, Zoe decides to stay in her room on her birthday.

While she is relaxing in her bedroom, Zoe has the sudden urge to go outside on the roof again. Even though Zoe has always loved being high up in the air, somehow her need for height becomes stronger. When she reaches the top of the roof, she accidently slips over the side of the ledge. Knowing what is about to happen, Zoe closes her eyes and waits for the impact that is sure to come; however, after a few minutes, Zoe doesn’t feel anything. Stunned, Zoe opens her eyes again to discover that she never even hit the ground; instead she was floating above the grass in her backyard.

When she realizes nothing is happening, it seems like gravity is pulling Zoe down once more. Fortunately for her, the fall isn’t as high as it originally was, so the impact she made with the ground doesn’t harm her. Amazed, Zoe stands and looks up toward the roof. She couldn’t have survived a fall from a three story house nor float in the air, right?

Going back inside to her room, Zoe tries to figure out what she just experienced, but all she is able to connect to the fall was the rush of adrenaline as she fell; nothing else makes sense. While she is thinking of possible solutions, Zoe looks around her room and her eyes land on the roof outside again. Hesitantly, Zoe steps out onto the roof and looks down at the ground. She believes that if she was able to float once, she can do it again; so, with that thought in mind, Zoe jumps off of the house a second time.

Somehow her body doesn’t want to touch the ground. As a result, Zoe is left hovering in her backyard again. Amazed, Zoe tries to imagine herself rising higher up in the air, and her body begins to follow her mind’s instructions. By using her thoughts, Zoe is able to go in different directions and eventually teach herself how to fly. Zoe learns how to gain control of her new ability and she tries to enhance her power as much as she can. Even though she isn’t a superhero, Zoe understands that she needs to keep her power a secret because some people might want to use her gift for the wrong reasons. As she continues to practice her ability, Zoe didn’t know that someone already had evidence that shows she can fly.

Ever since he can remember, Noah Smith has had a love for photography. He always had a talent of taking pictures of a random place, person, or object and enhancing its natural beauty. Today, Noah adds another piece to his collection as he examines all of the pictures he took throughout the day.

While he is looking through his film, Noah discovers something odd in the background of one of them. At first, he just believes that it’s a bird flying around in the sky; however, when Noah focuses on the object more, he sees the figure is a person. Concentrating solely on the picture now, Noah can’t believe eyes when he finds out its Zoe Miller magically floating up in the air. Shocked, Noah tries to think of a logical reason for why Zoe is so high in the sky, but he isn’t able to have a coherent thought right now. Eventually, after he calms down, Noah comes to the conclusion that asking her would be the best idea. So, since he is determined to follow his plans, Noah grabs the picture and walks toward Zoe’s house.

Zoe answers the doorbell and opens the door to find Noah Smith standing on her front porch. Zoe is surprised Noah is at her house because they don’t really talk to each other at school. Also, Zoe has liked him for two years, but she was always too embarrassed to say anything to him. She invites Noah in, wondering why he is there, and he doesn’t waste any time answering her unspoken question.

He hands her a picture, saying, “I know.”

Zoe looks at the photo and sees that it’s a picture of her flying in the air. Horrified, she knows there is nothing she can say to convince Noah it isn’t her because he saw the photographic proof as well.

Seeing her panic, Noah gently says, “I’m not going to tell anyone, I just want to know how.”

Relieved, Zoe believes his promise and she begins to tell Noah about her birthday, the comet, and the discovery of her ability. When she is finished with her story, Noah is silent as he tries to digest what he has just heard.

Finally, Noah smiles and says, “I think you got your wish… you are definitely unique now.”  

“You have no idea,” Zoe replies, smiling with him.

Since Noah discovered her ability, Zoe and Noah began to spend more time together and have gotten to know each other better. Zoe eventually gets the courage to tell Noah about her feelings toward him, and she discovers that Noah feels the same way about her. They have been together ever since, and now that Zoe and Noah are going to the same college, they feel like their relationship can only become stronger.

As she walks on stage to receive her high school diploma, she looks into the crowd of people and all she can think about is her future. What career path will she take? Will her secret become exposed? Will she and Noah stay together, get married someday, or maybe start a family? For now, Zoe doesn’t need to worry about anything except the present and what could possibly happen next in her life.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much time to relax. Noah already has made plans for the future that include them both. He will be asking Zoe something very important tonight that can change both of their lives drastically. The only thing he has to be concerned about is whether Zoe will say yes or no…

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