used and abused

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top of my head moment.. based on young love turning nasty


chapter one.

i was 20 years old when i met him.A young gentleman 21 years old curly brown hair blue eyes smile so bright how was i suppose to know id get feelings for him heck i didnt know he even liked me till we kissed under a strobe light in a nightclub i finally got the courage to play hard to get but i honestly didnt know how mean men could be till i met him.


*blink*snapchat mike : hey hows you xx

reply from leah: im good you xx

*blink* snapchat mike: meet me starbucks in 20 ?? xx

reply from leah: sure see you in 20 xx

i rushed to starbucks early " can i get one americano please" 

"sure we will bring it over"

"hey did you wait long" 

"oh hey mike"...

"whats up... wait are you blushing"

" a little bit.. so why did you wanna meet up for"

" oh well im gonna be blunt i like you i do but dont take this wrong or anything but i just want the fun.. i see no point for a relationship im to into living my life while im young i know you like me i just wanted to let you know how things stand if you get into bed with me"

" welllll that was alot to take in who said i had any intentions of wanting a relationship myself jesus you make me sound like i already married you in my head dummy but thanks for being honest thats why were friends"

" good so about this sex sitiuation i think well make impacible fuck buddies"

" wait fuck buddies like sex no string attatched well i wont lie sounds fun why not give it a go "

" right meet me t mine tonight ill bring the wine you bring yourself" 

" okay see you soon" 

as i left i didnt know what i said it just came out feel like my heart just went to my head but atleast ill have intimate moments with him mike the blue eyed demon.

as i approched his house that night there were people there women i just thought it wouldve been me and him i guess i got myself worked up maybe wont happen tonight then casual drinking till the evening came by they had only wine it wasnt my favourite but  idrank them cause well mike was acting like mike bubbly funny flirty and of course handsome.

"hey leah dance with me" 

" sure " 

" oh my you do suit dont you" said the older lady on the broken chiar next to the table long wavy hair i rember her name kacie she was alot then the both of us 40 somthing glasses she was a nice lady had her own share of man troubles.

" no we wont be gettin into no relationship we both agreed didnt we leah "

"y-yeah we are just friends who are gonna have sexual relations from time to time haha" 

tia was there too another older lady she was nice bit nutty they went to get a wine bottle as he put it bitting someones ankles in a cue it is funny when u think back

" dont get pregnant  the last thing you want"

" i wont be getting pregnant dont you worry " 

" no i dont want any kids"

" neither do i dont you worry mike " 

as the night went on we all got drunk i was kinda getting tired mike walked his neighbours home as they were drunk such a gent haha when he came back i was nearly asleep 

" your not gonna believe this i kissed my neighburs again"

"hahaa again well i was nearly asleep haha "

again seriously  i know im not getting into a relationship with him but oh well get over it hes a man

" im hungry leaaah egg sandwitch while drunk"

" okay sure "

a mutal friend well his best friend lucy and me were talking on facebook about what our lil "date" night would be haha egg sandwitch and wine what could go wrong

after we ate we went to go bed as we were tired we got his bed this will be it i finally get to have sex with the man who made me feelpretty and nice we were like magnets north and south ying and yang or maybe that was in my head 

i kissed him but what went threw my mind was does he truly like me after all of this my heads getting fuzzy" you ready leah" "yes i am" he put me in the window and put his fingers in my pussy he went in slow then fast then slow then fast " ah ahh yes ooo" my body couldnt control itself i climaxed his reply made me laugh" you cummed on my hand" " well duh i am a girl " we went back to the bed he put his lips on my pussy and started to lick me he had a tounge bar and it played on my clit " your so loud leah" " oh sorry i cant help it it sooo good" he then put his dick in me he started to thrust agasint my body our bodys agasnt each others he wasnt goona cum at all for a while " im not some 5 second wonder liek your use too"  9 times it took 9 times to make mike cum but in the morning it was like he didnt even want me there...

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