Prison High

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Assignment: Write a comparing or contrasting essay on a topic of your choice.

After minimal thought and consideration, topic: Similarities of High School & Prison

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




A young man walks back to his specified holding area after recently enjoying his low quality meal during his monitored lunch break. This image could apply to many different scenes. Required volunteer hours, filtered information, restricted clothing, strict and questionable rules, high profile security, and lack of environmental hygiene; Sebastian River High School and prison seem like one in the same. However, prisoners do have the advantage of designated recreation time which includes the luxury of cable television. Nevertheless, students/convicts, cells/classrooms, principals/wardens all contribute to the same hostile atmosphere.

The constant lurking authority is surely a comforting feeling in both environments that contributes to a debatable level of positivity in the atmosphere. Authoritative figures that eyeball convicts with one hand on their handgun are just as ready to react as an administrator with one hand on their radio. There are cameras in every corner of every hallway just as there is sufficient video surveillance in every building of any prison. In fact, Sebastian River High School has even stooped down to a level of security that reaches a point of efficiently destroying any sense of dignity for the student. But what does it matter?; teenagers/convicts are not real people. As if students are not treated like chained and shackled prisoners enough as it is, a teacher or administrator must guard the entry way to the bathrooms. Whether it is in prison or a high school, the authority figures are smart enough to realize that they must watch the individuals like hawks. Otherwise, there is a very good possibility that the people confined to the institution may in fact be plotting an escape, especially while they are emptying bodily fluids.

Furthermore, the corresponding rules and requirements are in such parallelism that each institution might as well share the same written restrictions. A very well enforced dress code is applied at both locations. A daily schedule is provided, allowing time for food. Contact with persons outside of the institution is frowned upon. Personal belongings are confiscated and technology created for use of communication is prohibited. Any form of individuality and creativity is immediately seized. As an addition to your sentence, volunteer hours are also mandatory. And obviously, an attempt to leave the building during your required time results in cruel and unusual punishments.

Considering that both establishments are created by the government, an aspect of intended ignorance should also be noted. Information will be withheld, skewed, and manipulated all in attempt to create civilians attached to puppet strings after their departure from the institution. Information, if any, goes through careful evolution. Only a limited amount of knowledge is allowed because a true education is the door to freedom. And what kind of government-established institution would allow that nonsense? Individuals are sculpted to fit the ideal society. Anything varying from the plan usually results in a longer sentence. The illusion of free will is thoroughly created, but in all actuality is nothing but a farce. Creativity and thinking out of the box are prohibited along with (apparently) questioning authority.

Security, equality, and information are three aspects that are generously supplied to high schools and prisons. It is nice to know that the government creates all institutions equally. Age, background, financial status, and number of arrests do not weigh in on the treatment of individuals at these institutions. In fact, each individual is fed the same of amount of bull feces. There is a very slight chance that once leaving either institution, a person will think of themselves as a freed individual and actually have the ability of being one.


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