The Sword of Guilt

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Oh, death.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




Rum in one hand
and a sword in the other
I sailed to the port 
with thoughts of my mother

I stabbed the guard 
and stole the gold
A strange sensation
my spine turned cold

I thought nothingmore
but to finish my plan
Commandeer a ship
gather a new clan

Memories of mum
kept creeping in mind
Never had I felt 
such a bizarre bind

I killed more victims 
and stole more trade
Yet the image of my mom
just wouldn't fade

I killed women and children
I sliced them all
The miss of my mum
would not make me fall

I stole everything
the riches and treasure
Due to my greed
it hardly did pleasure

It wasn't for months
til the news came by
that at the old port
my mum's corpse may lie

Within the commotion
across the beach sand
The sword that had killed her
may rest in my hand

Swallowed by guilt 
I took the sharp knife
To fix the mistake
I took my own life

© Copyright 2018 Kelly Frances. All rights reserved.

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