Him 04/10/10

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A poem about a girl who loves a man.

Submitted: August 21, 2013

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Submitted: August 21, 2013



I met him at my weakest,

He pulled me from the ground.

He blocked my heart from all the pain,

Blocked my ears from all the sound.

He listened to my problems,

He listened to me cry.

I knew that I loved him soon,

He still doesn’t understand why.

He made me feel like I was normal,

Saw traits in me I thought I lacked.

Made me feel like I wasn’t damaged,

Like my heart was whole not cracked.

The scars run deep but he doesn’t see,

All the bad things I see in me.

He makes me smile daily,

He makes me laugh so hard I cry,

He makes me feel like a better mummy,

And he doesn’t even try!

He is the reason my heart beats,

Inside of others outside myself.

Our children are my everything,

With him they are my great wealth.


He loved me at my weakest point,

Somehow he still loves me today.

He supports me through everything always,

Although I can’t see how he stays.

I love him so hard it hurts sometimes,

The fear of losing him one day.

I am terrified of what will happen to me,

When the day comes when he can not stay.

When my illness gets too much for him,

When he sees I am not worth all the pain.

When he sees how deep the scars are,

When it gets too much and he doesn’t feel the same.

If I turn back into that scared weak girl,

Who years ago he pulled from the ground,

If the girl who cried to him makes her way,

Back from where over time I buried her deep down.

When he sees I am really damaged,

That my heart is bruised, banged and cracked.

When he realises my mind is not what it used to be,

A locked down mess that can’t be hacked.

I fear that moment will come one day,

When it all just gets too much.

She will find a way to show her ugly face,

She will ruin everything she will touch.

I will do my best to hide her as long as I can,

And pretend everyday that she’s not there.

So when I look in that bathroom mirror,

I must remember not to stare.

For she is there inside me always,

Behind those empty hazel eyes,

I will do all in my power to keep him,

I will wear my smile like a disguise.




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