"Climbing Out of the Abyss"

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The hole i was in was dark and deep...but with every heartbeat, I get closer and closer to the light.

Submitted: September 03, 2013

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Submitted: September 03, 2013



An early morning sunrise,
catches me off-guard.
The dawn of a new day,
has significant meaning for me today.
I let the rays of the sunshine touch my face,
God's hands gently caress,
reaching down from heaven above,
picking me up, filling me with His love.
His fingers spread, reaching out, touching me-
My body tingles with new excitement, new beginnings.
The early morning spring breeze,
makes me feel so alive and awake.
In fact, I've never felt so alive,
I've never felt so awake.

It wasn't long ago,
that I was on a decent into hell.
My life, my world, spiraling out of control.
Into the Abyss, I fell.
No way out, no hope-
Nothing but pain, agony, despair  and sin-
But with the love and faith of God,
my family and my friends-
I finally climbed out of that hole,
promising never to fall back in.

And now I sit in the afterglow
of a new self-identity, a higher self-esteem.
As the warmth of the morning sun
awakens my soul, setting it ablaze.
I have hope for my new-found life,
I have hope for many more sunny days,
I have hope that these words will touch you,
and lift you up in many different ways.
I Hope.


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