"Just Listen" by Kelly Seale

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an attempt to reach someone I care deeply about...before it's too late.

Submitted: August 26, 2013

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Submitted: August 26, 2013



Just listen...
These words are my attempt
to reach you.
Without any of the resentment felt
between the both of us.
The blaming game has been played out,
satisfaction niether found, nor enjoyed.
Lives changed forever,
relationships destroyed.

Please listen...
I will keep this short and sweet.
Attention to the next stanza-
I have, and always will... love you,
but, my actions and feelings are now driven by self-preservation.
In order for you to grow, in order for you to be free,
and be the person you want to be,
you have to let go.
The past is a bitch
at reminding us of our mistakes.
No need to relive and open old wounds,
just do what it takes.

Listen to me now...
The place where you are at
is approaching the rock at the bottom,
and nobody can help you
till you get there.
You must already know
that this deep, dark hole
you are in,
has only one way out-
And it won't be an easy climb.

So, just listen...
To the next few words that I say,
You must do this, and you can,
for there is no other way.
You must leave all the crap behind;
the needle, the bottle, the pipe, the pills...
For they will pull you back down,
down deep into the blackness, you'll drown.

I know you can do this,
I know you have the will.
You just plant your feet firmly,
you just make up you mind.
And I will be there beside you,
to pick you up, you'll find...
Every step of the way, holding your hand.
Please, don't let these words shock you,
Please, just try to understand.

Just listen...
When you have broken free
of all these things that bind you,
I will be there to hold you
and help you get through the next day.
If only you will listen
to these words that I say.

So please, just listen
to me now, just this once...
to these precious words from above,
And I promise you...
Your life will be better than
it ever was, ever before.
You will then have erarned your self-respect
back, that you so want and deserve,
and have a life filled up with happiness
and Love.
But only if you
-Just Listen.


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