"Rendezvous" a humorous short short story

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A crazy decision in th heat of the moment... well, you decide if it's over the top?

Submitted: September 04, 2013

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Submitted: September 04, 2013



Walking on the chipped rock face of the cliff, I was looking down...
at the small impressions along the river. My dogs, swimming in the water's edge... They look happy. Content at splashing the muddy waters of the Rio Grande', lapping up the leftovers.

I grab a quick capture- 'Snap! ' zoom! 'Snap! '

Smiling, satisfied at the images on my camera, I move on, and upward...

A Robidilo Jack Rabbit sprints for the finish line at the top of the hill.
Zoom! 'Snap! '

After 20 hard minutes of climbing...I reach the top. I look around, and the view simply takes my breath. I focus wide angle... and my lens absorbs the beauty...'Snap! '

Setting my Canon EOS 5D Mark III down on the nearest boulder, I remove my pack, and pull out a warm Coors Light, and 'pop' the tab...taking a long hit from my favorite beverage.

'Aaahh! ' The moment is perfect...Well, almost. You backed out of the promised meeting time and place...last minute 'what if's' took their toll... I smile, because I love you anyway...understanding your feelings, your doubts, your misgivings about coming here, into my world.

I will send you the images I captured today, the day that was supposed to be 'our day, ' and I laugh as I get an incredibly stupid idea... but fuck it! I'm gonna do it anyway...

Setting the camera facing me, I set the automatic timer button and press the shutter... the light beeps red and beeps faster as the moment approaches...

I scramble a few feet away... and 'Beeeeeep, Snap! '

Smiling... I pull my pants back up, zip and buckle, and walk over to retrieve my camera, and I smile even bigger.... my bare ass exposed, mooning you from New Mexico!




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