"The Fountain"

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Authors note: Proper recognition given to Joe Walsh, who told this story to Stevie Nicks, who then told it to me. And to my dear friend,
Lorian Hemingway, who made things come full-circle.

One time, I was at a big party, and there were a lot of my friends there. I was feeling smothered
because everybody seemed to want a piece of me. I felt like a rock star at a concert, drowning in
the 'mosh pit'. God, I wanted to scream!

Then from all the way across the room- I saw her. Have you ever met someone for the very first time,
and "Wham! Bang!" It's like magic, I was immediately drawn to her. The crowd of people just separated as
I made my way to her, and she just opened up and took me into her arms. When our eyes locked onto eachother,
it was like we were the only two people in the room. I knew then, that I could never be very far away from her again.

One day, I wes very moody; feeling like shit, and making all those around me feel like shit. I was being a real asshole;
complaining about everything, complaining about nothing, and she just listened, not saying a word. Then, I noticed that
she had a teardrop rolling down her cheek.

I asked her, "What? Was it something I said, something I did?"
"No," she shook her head. "It's just that I had a daughter once," she explained. "And then she got sick, and I lost her."
Her tears flowed freely now, as she told me more. "God, she was so beautiful, so full of life and passion. And even towards the end,
when she found out she didn't have much time left," she paused, wiping her tears. "She never complained about anything... except just one time."

We were driving in her jeep now, as she continued her story. I listened carefully, as we drove on some winding mountain road,
leading us to God know's where...
"One time, I took her to this park; a very beautiful, magical park. There was this drinking fountain there; and she just wanted to get a drink,
to taste of the cold, mountain waters. But; it was too big for her to drink all by herself, I had to lift her up to get a drink.
'Why don't they make em' to fit me' she complained. 'It's not fair!"

She was silient for a moment, as she navigated the twists and turns of the road. "Not long after, she was gone," she finsihed.

Now, I was the one fighting back tears. I felt like someone had hit me in the face with a brick! I had no fucking idea. I felt so small, so unimportant.
Then, we came to a stop, and I was dumbstruck when I realized where we were. It had started to snow lightly then, and we were at this beautiful,
magical park. Her Park. I looked around; then, I saw it! I jumped out of the jeep, and with tears streaming down my face, I said to her,
"My God! You built a little fountain for her, didn't you?

I almost fell on my ass, as I ran, trying to get to it. It was so beautiful, so special, so magical. A little silver drinking fountain with a silver
chain-link fence all around it. I opened the tiny gate, and just above the third little step; across the front of it, was an inscription that read-


My God! I knew at that moment, right then, right there, that I would never, ever, bitch or complain about my small, petty problems to anyone else again.


Submitted: September 29, 2013

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