"Truth or Dare...a short story"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Truth or Dare" is a short story about an adult evening amoung friends. It is a rollercoaster ride of a story...

“Truth or Dare”

The four of them were snowed in for the evening, which was ok by Alex. Three beautiful women, and one man. Every guy's dream, right? Alex and Andrea had been happily married for twelve years, and Andrea's two best friends, were at present, single. Melissa had just gone through a nasty divorce, which had ended Alex's friendship with her ex-husband. Any man who beats up on women, is no man at all; and thus, Alex had tossed out their friendship with the evening's garbage.

Sheila, Andrea's voluptuous next-door neighbor, had an open, and unashamed crush on Alex for as long as she had known him. This little fact did not bother Andrea in the least; she trusted her husband totally, satisfied him completely, and she knew Sheila well enough to know that she would never do anything to ruin their marriage.
Melissa, on the other hand, was already drunk, depressed and lonely as hell.
Andrea had spent the last several weeks helping her through the final stages of her divorce, and was on edge that Melissa had already consumed four and a half glasses of brandy in the two hours since they had arrived.

It was the onset of nightfall, on a late November evening when the four of them had gotten together to celebrate Andrea's promotion to Vice President of Advertising. Their dinner was eloquent, yet simple; baked salmon, marinated in Andrea's special lemon butter and light rum sauce. The side dishes, Melissa and Sheila had brought along to help cut time in the kitchen.
The conversation flowed as freely as the liquor, and the evening was progressing well. With their dinner over, Andrea suggested that they all move into the den, with the warm glow of firelight to set the mood.

Alex sat in his favorite king-sofa recliner that he picked out purposefully to clash with Andrea's refined taste in decor. She allowed him that luxury because he had seduced her in that very chair, while the store manager was off busily attending to other "serious" customers. She had scolded him for taking such chance in public, but she was quite turned on by his inventiveness and brazen lust of the moment.

The girls plopped onto the thick pile carpet in front of the warm roaring fire, each with a fresh drink. Alex had his usual thin-lipped mug of premium beer. Sheila scooted closer to Alex to tease him.
"Hey Alex, want to play strip-poker?" She giggled.
"You'd have to ask Andrea that question Sheila," Alex coolly replied. "It's her party!"
"How about 'Truth or Dare?" Andrea changed tactics, catching the gleam of her husband's eye.
"I'm not-" Melissa protested. "Well, I don't think that's such a good idea Andrea. Do you remember the last time we did that?" Melissa said, trying to be persuasive. "You got mad as hell at me because I told you that I hooked up with 'What's His Face,' in our Culinary Arts Class."
"Well sweetheart, you were still married at the time, and it was risky as hell," Andrea scolded her. "I had to think fast when Asshole called over here looking for you. I didn't know where the fuck you were or what the fuck you were doing, or who the fuck you were doing it with!" Andrea let her have it. "Besides, two wrongs, don't make a right!"

"I don't think it's a good idea either," Alex added. "You girls always play the truth part, and never the dare. Where's the excitement?"
"Oh, I don't know about that Alex," Sheila said with a raised eyebrow. " You never know, you might be witness to a 'Cat Fight,' Rrreeer!" She teased, showing her claws.
"Or maybe," Melissa chided in. "Sheila will take off her clothes and make x-rated snow angels outside!" Melissa laughed and spilled her drink on the stone hearth. "Oops! Alcohol abuse!" She looked at Alex with her best bedroom eyes. "Al, be a darling, and get me another drink."

"It would be my pleasure Mel." Alex caught a glimpse of Andrea's disapproving eyes as he got up and padded over to the bar to get Melissa another brandy. He poured himself another beer, taking pleasure in the mechanics of opening an ice-cold bottle of Michelob Ultra, and pouring it into his favorite mug, light foam forming as it reached mid-pour in the glass. "Oh Yeah!" He handed Melissa her glass and listened in on the game, already in progress.
"Truth!" The two girls said at the same time as they ganged up on each other.
"Ok now, something secret," Melissa said to Sheila. "Something that you've never told anyone else before."
"Ok!" Sheila said, matter of fact, and turned towards Alex. "Alex, I'm madly in love with you! Have been since the day I met you," she confessed.
"Bullshit! That's no secret!" Andrea attacked her with a fluffy pillow. "Now you have to take our dare!"
"Ok! Ok. Ok... Go ahead, and make my day!" Sheila surrendered.

"Wait a minute, come over here Andrea." Melissa pulled her just out of earshot, whispering, then giggling. Andrea nodded in agreement and they both faced Sheila.
"Let's see if see she will do it! Sheila," Andrea addressed her, licking her lips.
"You have to give Alex here, a big hot kiss on the lips!"

"Oh come on girlfriend, you can do better than that!" Sheila stood up, and leaned over towards Alex, then looked over her shoulder at Andrea, smiling.
"How about one of my 'specials?"
"Wha- Whadaya mean, specials?" Alex asked her, uncomfortable that the attention was now on him, his reaction.. Sheila turned back to Alex.
"That's right, you've never had one of my 'melts in your mouth, long, hard, wet kisses that last three days!" Alex's eyes were as big as quarters.

With just a hint of hesitation for effect, Sheila planted a very light kiss upon Alex's lips. "There," Sheila said, smiling back at Andrea. "Is that what you wanted to see?"
"Well done!" Andrea nodded back in approval. "You passed the test with flying colors!"

"Next!" Sheila said, turning her focus on Melissa. "Truth or dare?"
"Truth, I guess." Melissa said sheepishly.
"Ok now," Andrea said to Mel. "Something you've never told anyone, not even me." Melissa thought for a moment, and nervously ran her finger around and around the edge of her glass, looking into the fire before she finally spoke.

"The last time he hit me..." She swallowed hard before continuing. "I - I never told anyone, but I was- I was pregnant!"
"Mel!" Andrea put down her drink and was at Melissa's side in an instant, holding Mel's hand tightly in her own. "Why? Oh honey, what happened?"
Melissa took a deep breath, then began.

"I had know for a while I guess, before I finally bought a test to confirm it," she teared up as she looked at Andrea. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you Andrea, I just wanted him to be the first to know. I guess I just thought that maybe it might make a difference, that maybe it might change things."

Melissa stopped to take a slug of her drink. She almost put it down; but then, picked it up to finish it off before she continued.
"Of course, I was dead wrong. It sent him into a blind rage! He started screaming at me, saying that I'd planned it all just to try and change him. Anyway, he started hitting me like he always ends up doing; and I did my best to fight back, but I was trying to protect the baby. He noticed. He stopped. Then he got this look in his eye, and I knew what he was going to do. I felt so alone, so helpless. I felt so defeated."

Andrea and Sheila were both at her side, trying to help her through this. Melissa wiped the tears from her eyes, and half-smiled at Alex to get her another drink; which he immediately retrieved for her, his own eyes wide and watery.
"Go on sweetheart," Andrea said to her. "Tell us about the baby."

"Well, after he had finished- After he had forced me to- I locked myself in the bathroom. I knew- I just knew I had lost the baby. I just sat there, on the toilet, and cried. I couldn't stop, couldn't hold back the pain and the loss. I sat there for the longest time, exhausted and spent. Then, when I finally got the strength, I got up, flushed, and went into the bedroom to get dressed. When I came out, the bastard was watching cartoons. Do you believe that? He was watching fucking cartoons."

"So that's the day you called me to come and get you? The day you finally listened to me and left the son-of-a-bitch?" Andrea was visibly shaken.
"Yeah," Melissa replied. "And I told him if he ever touched me again, I'd kill him where he stood!"
"So, what did he do when you told him that?" Sheila asked, unbelieving.
"Well, he laughed in my face, until I shoved the 'Lady Smith' up his nose and said I'd blow his brains out!" Melissa was glad her friends now knew the truth, as she was finally and completely over it. She was done.

Sheila glanced over at Andrea, avoiding Alex's glare. Alex's eyes gave away his thoughts even before they escaped his lips. "Andrea!" Alex started after her. "You gave her your gun?"
"Now wait a minute Alex!" Andrea got up to calm her husband. "If I hadn't given her my gun, he would have killed her along with the baby!" Andrea defended. "You know it's true! It would have happened eventually!"
Alex sat back down, his eyes still fixed on his wife's.
"Next!" He said to Andrea. "Truth or dare?"
"Dare!" She said with a mocking smile of confidence. "I'll take the dare!"
"Ok, strip for us," Alex said matter of fact. "Strip for us all!"
"Alex!" Sheila said with raised eyebrows and a wry smile. "Whatcha' got in mind?" she asked Alex.
"Andrea wanted to play, so lets play!" He replied. Andrea's eyes made no attempt to hide that she found this very interesting. Where was Alex going with this, she wondered. Well, they were all about to find out just how far she would take it.

She smiled at Sheila and Melissa as she got up off the floor.
"Ok guys, you asked for it!" She proceeded to strut her stuff across the room towards the Hi-Fi, and at the same time, the two girls went, "Boom-baba-boom, boom-baba-boom!" Laughter erupted from everybody

Andrea took her time looking through their large collection of CD's, searching for just the right song. Alex was getting somewhat impatient, and leaned over to Sheila, whispered something in her ear, causing her to giggle uncontrollably.
"Alright you two!" Andrea said without turning around. "Keep your hands off the sawbones!"

"Just pick out some sexy music and take it off baby!Take it all off!" Alex teased her. Andrea smacked her lips together when she found what she was looking for, and put the disc into their BOSE sound system. She made the appropriate song selection, adjusted the volume way up, and waited for the song to cue up, anticipating their reaction.

"I lie in an empty bed... thinking late thoughts, waiting for the black to replace... my blue. I do not struggle in your web- because it is my aim to get caught. but daddy longlegs, I feel... that I'm finally growing weary of waiting to be consumed by you..."

As Fiona Apple's voice oozed from the twelve tiny, but loud speakers throughout the room, Andrea's fingers dipped into her mouth, seductively sucking, then, slowly withdrawn, tracing her lips with the moisture, teasing. Her body undulating to the sexy, sassy singer's rendition of "The First Taste." Her hands moving between the straps of her dress, then disappearing underneath.

"Give me the first... taste, let it begin... heaven cannot wait...forever."

Andrea's eyes never left her husband's as she danced to the hypnotic melody.

"Darling, just start the chase... I'll let you win, but first you must make the endeavor..."

Inch by inch, Andrea began revealing more skin; the straps falling off her shoulders, then lower, all eyes glued to her inhabit ions. Her bare breasts were barely covered by her hands. A flash of nipple, made Sheila gasp out loud. Andrea continued without missing a beat, as if she was a pro. Alex couldn't believe his eyes as she proceeded even lower.

"Oh, your love gives me a heart contusion... Adagio breezes fill my skin with sudden red- Your hungry flirt borders intrusion..."

Andrea let her dress fall to the floor as she continued her seduction. Dressed now only in lace panties and garters with stockings, she unsnapped first one, then the other.

"I'm building memories on things we have not said... Full is not heavy as empty, not nearly my love, not nearly my love... not nearly..."

Andrea slid her left stocking down, then off her leg, and draped it over Alex's face.

"Oh my God! Andrea, you've been moonlighting as a stripper!" Sheila said, her eyes transfixed on the decadent movements of her friend. Melissa was into it too, laughing in-between sips of her drink, switching to something harder from the bar for the occasion, straight Wild Turkey! Alex was mesmerized as the other stocking made it's way down his wife's long, luscious leg, and joined the other, still draped over his head.

"Give me that first taste, let it begin... heaven cannot wait... forever. Darling, just start the chase... I'll let you win, but first you must... Make the endeavor..."

Andrea turned around, tossed her head back, letting her long golden hair cascade down her bare back, rolling her head from side to side to the music.Her hips swaying, legs together, then apart, then together, fingers tucked into the edge of her white lace panties. Alex's eyes were glued to the scene that was unfolding, and he was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
Melissa was moving to the music and still laughing, not believing what she and the others were witnessing. Sheila's eyes were locked onto Andrea's, never leaving them for a second as Andrea tempted them.

"The first taste, let it begin... heaven cannot wait... forever - Start the chase... I'll let you win, but first you must make the endeavor..."

Fingers pulling down satin sin, over perfect curves, and pulling down and out through those shapely legs.

"Ahaa... Oooo... Dada... Dadooo... Ahaa... Oooo... The first taste..."

Andrea place the silken undergarment over her husband's head where her stockings had once been, just as Fiona Apple's "First Taste," came to perfect end.

"Jesus H. Christ!" Alex burst out to his wife, shifting uncomfortably, trying to hide his excitement. They all clapped and whistled cat-calls as Sheila got up and kissed Andrea on her cheek.

"Girl! You got skills!" Sheila told her with a flush face. She started helping Andrea by picking up her clothes when Andrea stopped her.
""Leave em! I'll just go put on something more comfortable, ha ha!" With that, Andrea disappeared into the bedroom. Alex was still in shock, and visibly flush over his wife's performance, as was Sheila, and Melissa was, uh, drunk!

Sheila turned her attention towards Alex. "Next!" She said, pointing her finger at Alex, wagging it back and forth, taunting him. "Truth or dare?" she demanded to know. Andrea returned wearing a Michigan Wolverines jersey, big enough to cover her entire body. Underneath, dark, satin-blue bikini panties.
"Now that's more like it!" She said with relief, now that all the attention was not focused on her but that of her husband. "Next!" She repeated Sheila's previous question to Alex. "Truth or dare Alex?"

"Uh, truth! I- I mean dare!" He quipped back, uncomfortable that he was the last to go. "Shit!" He paused, finally giving in, giving up, as he realized the situation he was now in, knowing there was no other way out. "Truth," he said to Andrea. Truth."

Alex wasn’t so sure that he was going to go through with this. He went to the bar, fixed himself a double Jack and Coke, and stood with his back to the girls facing the fire. He took a strong hit form the drink, then he began.

“Andrea, How long has it been since I left the force and have been with “Stealth System Security?”
“Emm, a little over three years.” She answered him.
“And before that, how long was I a cop?” Alex was fishing for something.

“Well, you’d been a rookie for almost a year when we met then, soon after married, so that’d make it about 8 or 9 years right?” Andrea had been relieved that he left the job and found a safer one in the private sector, one with less danger and more pay, much more pay. She always felt Alex missed being a cop, but never approached the subject in fear that he might one day, go back.

“Yeah, that’s about right,” Alex hesitated, swirling the ice around in his drink. He made the decision just then, he was going to tell her. “Fuck it!” He drained his glass. “Andrea, you never pushed the issue when I turned in my badge, even when there were rumors that I was dirty and had to quit or face jail, you never questioned me.” He wanted to get this out in the open.

“Hey, you know how I felt about you being a cop. I thought it would be exciting at first, but after we were married, there were a lot of nights I wondered if you were coming home to me alive. I didn’t like it, but I wasn’t going to tell you how to live your life. You had to find your own path and go with it. Alex, I was and always will be there for you, no matter what you do.”

Andrea lit up a smoke as her husband turned around to face her. “Besides, I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’ll be honest, I was glad you quit, no matter what the reason. And you could never have been dirty, never.” Andrea paused; then, not sure where he was going with this, “Do you miss it?”
“No!” Alex bent down, and looked directly into her eyes. “No I don’t!”
“So babe, what’s this all about?” Andrea was intrigued; yet, intuition told her that this wasn’t going to be good.

Alex walked over to the bar, and fixed himself another drink. Sheila and Melissa shared the sofa-recliner with criss-crossed legs, and big, anxious eyes. None of them would be prepared for what Alex was about to tell them next, not even Alex.

“Rose and I got a domestic disturbance call, and in this city, that could mean anything. We were expecting it to be routine; however, we were wrong, dead wrong. The guy on the 911 had said something about a vicious dog, so that made Rose very uneasy. Rose hated dogs, sort of a phobia I guess. Whenever somebody asked him why he hated dogs, all he said was ‘I had a bad experience once!”

Everybody called his partner “Rose,” because he’s a big red-headed Irishman who always has rosy-red cheeks. He was Alex’s complete opposite, which is why their partnership was so good, they complemented each other. Alex finished his Jack and Coke before he continued. To get through this, he would need a lot of courage, which he found from the alcohol.

“”Anyway, when Rose and I get to the scene, we could hear this guy’s voice booming from the inside, telling his wife to ‘Clam up, or else!’ We knocked on the door, and she opened it up a crack to se what we wanted. We show our badges and credentials, and ask if we could come in. She says that this is a bad time, but we told her we really needed to come in to ask a couple of questions to make sure everything was on the up and up. When she lets us in, we were met by a huge Rottweiler, he musta’ been at least 150, 160 pounds, and he wouldn’t shut up, he just kept barking and barking. The woman, she’s still upset, and starts babbling about something that neither Rose nor I caught. Then, her old man gives her ‘The Eye’ and she shuts up.”

Alex stopped for a minute to poke the fire and toss another login, then he continued.
“Rose, he takes the wife and sits her down in the kitchen, while I talk with the husband. This guy, he’s a real piece of work, a real winner. He’s got everything but ‘Mom’ tattooed on his arm. He hadn’t bathed in days I guess, shit, maybe even weeks. There were beer cans crushed and scattered all over the place, cigarette butts and burns on his chair, trash piled up all over the place, I asked him about the squabble between him and his wife, he says she’d gone off about how he’d dropped off the kid at his sister’s place before she’d gotten home from work. Says the kid wouldn’t stop cryin’ and he’d gotten sick of it."

Alex was ready for another drink, and handed his glass to Andrea. She didn't fix him a double; although, at this point in the evening, it really didn’t matter. She made herself a Bombay Sapphire martini, and asked Shelia and Melissa if they were ready for another. A Margarita for Sheila, and a straight Wild Turkey for Mel. Once the drinks were made and served, everybody was ready for Alex to continue- except Alex.

“It was the Building Super who’d phoned in the call, overhearing the fight, and the wife pleading with her husband to tell her where her baby was and what had happened. Between all the yelling and the dog barking non-stop, the Super had enough, and called us. The husband wasn’t giving us much; the kid was at his sister’s with no phone, and she probably wouldn’t be home anyway. When I asked why, he told me that she goes out a lot, taking the kid with her. This guy didn’t seem too concerned at all about his kid; which normally, I would have found suspicious, but this guy- Shit! His wife seemed genuinely worried that something was terribly wrong. Shit, she was down-right scared.”

Alex was getting agitated as his story continued to unfold. Shit, he was sweating. He started to fix himself another drink, when he remembered the double Jack and Coke that Andrea had fixed him. He retrieved it from the mantle and lit up a smoke before he went on. Andrea, Sheila and Mel were watching Alex’s every move, and hanging on his every word. The creepy feeling of dread filled the room.

“This guy was really trying my patience. He wasn’t even paying attention to the dog, who was still incessantly barking. The whole scene was giving me a bad feeling. I was getting a headache from the dog barking, so I asked him if he could do something about it so we could wrap this up and get the hell out of there. He said ‘Sure Pal,’ then he got up and went to the kitchen. Rose was trying his best to calm the wife, and all it took was one look from the Jerk, and she was quite. He opened up the fridge and took out a thick t-bone and tossed it to the big son-of-a-bitch! Jesus! The fucking dog ate better than I did! The dog swallowed the hunk of meat, bone and all, with barely a chew. After he downed his snack, he started barking again. The guy went back to his chair and started watchin’ TV, oblivious to the noise.”

Alex stopped for a moment, then said, “How on fucking earth, could this sick bastard deal with that constant barking; and yet, not his crying kid?”
Andrea saw the moisture in her husband’s eyes, and was uneasy with where this was going. She remembered how he was for the last couple of months before he had quit the force, let alone; the months that followed. If it hadn’t been for the Securities deal, he would have went over the edge.

“Well, I was getting nowhere with this asshole, so I went back into the kitchen to see how Rose was doin’ with the wife. When I got in there, she was sobbing again, and Rose looked up, and gave me that ‘Let’s get the fuck out of here’ look. He had a statement from her that said the husband had done something terrible to her child, but she didn’t know what. She just knew that her baby was gone and he wouldn’t tell her where he was. I told Rose that I had gotten ‘zilch’ from the husband and that we should take them both downtown for further questioning. Rose calls another squad to pick the wife up, while we take the ‘Slob’ to see if we can find the sister and hopefully, the missing kid. As an afterthought, I called Animal Control to come and get the dog,” Alex shook his head in disbelief. ” That Goddamned dog, just wouldn’t shut up.”

Alex stopped again, and got a smoke from Andrea, which she lit, took a drag then, passed it to her husband. Alex inhaled deeply then; upon exhale, was ready to begin again.

“Rose and I came up empty at the sister’s house, so once we got to the precinct, I put the ’Armpit’ in a holding cell and gave him the Miranda. He asked me what he’d been arrested for, and I told him to take his pick; disturbing the peace, domestic violence, assault and battery, kidnapping, or murder. Then there was my personal favorite, generally stinking up the place. He tells me that I got nuthin’ on him, then lawyer’s up. Fine! Fuck him, right? So I joined Rose with the wife in interview room three, and things started to fall into place.”

Alex began pacing the room as he spoke. The girls were transfixed on Alex’s every move, his every word.

“The wife suspected that her piece of shit husband had been abusing the baby for sometime but she could not confirm her worst fears. She tells us that it was little things that just didn’t seem right. She says that quite often, there would be an unexplained cry at night and her husband would not be in bed. Then, he’d bring him to her to quiet down and it would take awhile.
‘That cry is different from any other!’ she says. But; like I said, she cannot catch him in the act, so when she comes home from work, her baby’s gone and he just tells her to relax, that his sister’s got him for awhile.”

“What did he do with her baby Alex?” Melissa asked uneasily, not really sure she wanted to know the answer. “Did he hurt her baby? Did he kill her baby Alex?”

“Well Melissa, that’s what we began to suspect,” Alex said, confirming her worst fears. “But thing is, we couldn’t come up with the body, and Dickhead’s story about his sister having the baby just wasn’t checking out. A few hours later, we get a call from the morgue, they think they have located the body so we high-tail it over there to see if they have a positive ID, and witness the autopsy.”

Andrea had noticed that Alex had turned pale. His voice cracked slightly when he spoke, so he downed his fresh drink and tried again.

“Mack the knife, the M.E. uh- sorry, the Medical Examiner, had already started the autopsy when we arrived. Neither Rose nor I had been briefed, so nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to witness.” Alex’s hand, with the cigarette in it, was shaking as he smoked. Shit! His whole body was shaking, but he continued.

“The canine’s body was on the examination table, and I thought to myself, ‘What the fuck is that doing here?’ The M.E. had made a long, Y-shaped incision from the base of the upper chest, down to the genitals. Then, he opened up the abdominal cavity, exposing the inner stomach. What he did next, I still have nightmares about.”

Andrea, Shelia, and Melissa were all listening to Alex, trying to understand what he was telling them, but it didn’t make sense to any of them.

“What was that dog doing there Alex?” Melissa asked him, confused. Alex just ignored her, he had to get this out, he had to finish it.

“The stomach opened; next, the M. E. probed inside and started removing tiny body parts. First; there was a piece of an arm, then a hand. Next; came part of the leg, then the foot. Then came the rest, my body went totally numb and ridged as he pulled each piece out and carefully placed then in the steel bowl, like pieces to a puzzle . I thought- ‘My God! How could this have happened? What kind of monster could do this?’ That’s when Rose grabbed a can, and puked his guts out! I bolted out the door before I lost my own lunch!”

When the realization of what Alex was telling them finally sunk in, the horror of it was devastating! Andrea started crying, big teardrops rolling down her cheeks. Shelia was in denial, and in total shock. Andrea stood up to look Alex directly in the eyes.

“My God, Alex,” Andrea said in utter, desperate disbelief. “He killed the baby?” She couldn’t quite get the last few words out of her mouth. “He- He killed the baby, and he fed him to the dog? No!”

Melissa rushed to the bathroom to throw-up. Alex himself, had tears rolling down his face as he spoke.

“What got to me the most, the part I can never get out of my head, was that tiny, little hand of his,” Alex choked out between sobs. “Those five little fingers would never again, make a fist. Never hold a baseball, or feel the way that the laces of a football, fit perfectly in his hand. Never, ever, put a worm on a fishhook, and experience what it’s like to land a big one.”
Alex was done. It was finished. He turned around, towards the fire, and added one last thing.

“I spent the next several days on personal time, talking to department shrinks, they did no good. I finally ended up in confessional. The Priest asked me- He wanted to know why I had lost my faith in God,” Alex turned to face Andrea.
“Can you believe that? He fucking wanted to know why I had lost my faith.”

Alex stood for a while, with his back to them. His sobs had subside somewhat, his body spent and ridged. Finally, Andrea could not take it anymore, her heart breaking for her husband. She got up; walked over to him, put her arms around him, holding him tightly. He began to cry again. She couldn’t have known what he must be feeling. No, she could never imagine it. But something wasn’t right, she felt something different from him. Then, it came to her, he wasn’t crying. He was laughing. It started low; then unable to control himself, Alex laughed out loud.

“What the fuck!” Andrea was confused. “Why are you laughing Alex?” Then it hit her like a slap in the face. “Son-of-a-bitch! Bastard! It’s bullshit! It’s all bullshit isn’t it?” You made that whole story up, didn’t you? You sick asshole!” Andrea attacked him, hitting him in the back and arms, unleashing all her anger and hurt onto her husband. Then Alex turned around, and she slapped him hard in the face!”

Sheila and Melissa were totally lost. “What the fuck are you talking about Andrea? Sheila asked in disbelief. There’s no way he could have made all that up! Right, Alex? Alex- Right?”

“I’m sorry,” Alex said, defending himself as best he could. “You guys put me on the spot! I don’t have any secrets or truths hidden that Andrea doesn’t know about, besides; this was your game, I just tried to make it more interesting.”

“Where the fuck did you come up with a story like that anyway?” Sheila asked him.

“Hey, I’m an ex-cop, and I watch a lot of cop shows,” Alex replied.
“You lied to me, you son-of-a-bitch! It hurt!” Andrea was genuinely upset, which made Alex realize that he really screwed up. He bit his lip, and apologized to her again.

“Babe, I’m so very sorry. Please, please forgive me. Let me make it up to you!” Alex begged.

“No! Fuck you!” Andrea pushed him away, not budging. Then, it was like a light had been flipped on in her head. “You know,” she started to say to him, half smiling. “Payback’s a bitch!”

She turned to Sheila and Melissa and winked. “Come on girls! Let’s get him!” She commanded. The three women pounced on Alex like lions on a kill! Andrea led the pride. They started to tear his clothes off him in a mad frenzy! Alex was laughing, not fighting much at all; why should he, this was great!

The last of his clothes removed, Alex lay on the floor naked as the day he was born, with three beautiful women on top of him. Andrea whispered something in Sheila’s ear; who in turn, whispered to Melissa. As it turned out, Alex’s fantasy was short lived when they grabbed his arms and legs, and pulled him towards the front door.

“Hey! What the fuck are you-“ The realization of their plan hit him in mid-sentence. “No- No! You wouldn’t” He asked them in disbelief, in desperation.

“Oh wouldn’t we?” Andrea said to him as they reached the door. “Truth or dare Alex?” Melissa dropped his leg as she opened the door to the cold outside. At this point, Alex really started to struggle, but it was too late; he was outside, on his ass, in the snow, before he knew what hit him.

“Hey! No- Wait!” He pleaded, as they shut and locked the door behind them. “Hey! Girls! Hey Andrea, I’m sorry! I’ll do anything you say- Anything!” At that moment, Alex realized he was standing outside, naked, for all the world to see, pounding on the door, drawing even more attention to himself. He stopped, and just tried to blend in with the night shadows, with his backside facing out, hands cupped in a strategic location to keep them warm.

Inside; the girls were all laughing, when Sheila yelled through the door to Alex, “Hey Alex! LMFAO!”

“Let him cool off a bit,” Andrea said to her two girlfriends. “It’ll teach him a lesson not; to play with fire, or he will get burned!”

“Hey Andrea, did you hear that?” Sheila had that look in her eyes. “He said that he’d do anything! He’d do anything at all!”

The three of them looked at each other, as they all came to the same idea. Without a second thought, Andrea smiled and said to them, “Truth or dare?”

“Dare!” Sheila said back to Andrea, her eyes as big and bright as saucers. With that; all three made a mad dash to the door to unlock it, and let a cold, naked, and embarrassed Alex, inside.

“You screwed up the truth part Alex,” Andrea said with a mischievous grin. “Now you have to take the dare!”

Alex tried to hide his embarrassment; yet, show his appreciation as they opened the door to let him in. “Ok, ok. Anything you say,” Alex said, teeth chattering. “Just hurry up and bring me back inside!”

“Come on in, you poor little boy,” Sheila teased, scooting him in with a goose on his cute, cold derriere. “And let us warm you all up!” The three of them led Alex to the warmth of the fire, where he sat down on the thick pile carpet, and tried; unsuccessfully, to hide his excitement.

Sheila’s eyes widened as she sat down next to Alex. “Oh my,” she said, and smiled at Andrea, as they all looked down towards Alex’s lap. “Truth or dare?”



Submitted: August 21, 2013

© Copyright 2021 KellySeale. All rights reserved.

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