"You're a Dream" by Kelly Seale

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my everyday dreams of life with my soulmate.

Submitted: August 26, 2013

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Submitted: August 26, 2013



You're a dream, that I keep waking up from,
I keep telling myself
You are too good to be true,
You're a dream, that I keep waking up from,
I have to keep pinching myself
To make sure I'm really laying here, next to you.

As I watch you sleep,
It's all I can do to keep
From waking you up with a long, deep kiss,
But not wanting to disturb you, or interrupt
Your dreams, your fantasies, your slumber,
The memories dancing in your head,
A smile upon your face, as you remember.

I think about us, the moments we share are so special,
The intimacy we have, so rare.
You're a dream that I keep waking up from,
And waking up from that dream, is what I'm afraid of
For realities harshness stings my tear-stained face,
I don't want to leave you, or the memory of this place.
Our lazy days, our nights of passion, all to be left behind
I cling to every memory of you, every sight, sound, taste or smell,
Every detail-
Is forever engraved in my mind.

When tomorrow comes
And we act out our separate lives in a play,
I'll know that your heart's with me
As I stumble through the script of the day.
My body's just a shell when we're not together,
That's how it is with soulmates

I'll know that your heart's with me,
No matter what happens, or where we go-
We will always have eachother, forever.
And on that, I promise you. My words burned into my heart, my mind.
And don't you know, as you toss and turn in your slumber,
I lightly kiss your lips-
A present for you to keep,
I close my eyes, and hold you tightly,
For my dreams are calling me back to sleep.


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