To A Rainbow

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I wrote this about a month ago. It's well worth reading. :]

Submitted: September 19, 2009

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Submitted: September 19, 2009



Detached, without a single friend. To me, the world was black, I had fallen so far, too late to turn back, everyone i showed love, turned their back on me, They saw it all along, something that i could't see.

Worthy, I was not. I had lost my way. fading a little, fading day by day, found a strength, opened my eyes once more, and there you were, standing at the back door.

I needed someone, my spirit needed a lift, seeing you there, i knew God sent me a gift, you brought me back to life, healed me with love, something i thought, i was so underserving of.

In your arms, my thoughts could drift away, To a place, all our own, and a brighter day, the sunrise, the sunset, and skies of blue, they are ours to enjoy, just me and you.

Whatever happens in this life, we will never part, we've got ourselves wrapped, around each others heart, It's a forever thing, see it in my eyes, no more harsh words, no more silly good-byes.

forever you will be my lover and my best friend, what you deserve, would take forever to show you, without end, to give you anything, it would my dream, I would grab you by the hand, ask you to follow me.

I would take you to a rainbow, and sing to you, your favorite song, there with you, there would be no right or wrong, In each other's arms, we would fall in-love over again, We would soak it up, the beauty, the light within.

I would fly you up to the sky, to a cloud of gray, that is where the rain hides, on a sunny day, you could shower in my kisses, each drop of rain, Just you and I, it would be our domain.

without you by my side, i am not complete, i would not be me, my heart would no longer beat, for you are my other half, my precious soulmate, with you i share my life, i vow to dedicate.

I promised to honor, to love, and to cherish you forever, nothing will break that promise, nothing whatsoever, sickness and in health, good times and in bad, joy and in sorrow, our vows will always be there, to get us to tomorrow.

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