The Power of Facebook

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How facebook is taking over.

Submitted: April 21, 2011

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Submitted: April 21, 2011



Can I be honest for a second? I hate Facebook and I’m sick of social media. I know you have one of two thoughts in your head … one: this lady is old and doesn’t understand social media and the wonders of technology or two: this lady has no friends and is reminded of this when she logs into Facebook and has only 3 friends to “stalk.” Neither assumption is correct. I’m 23 years old with plenty of friends. I am currently on Facebook and I “stalk” the crap out of people, but I secretly hate it! It takes up quality time I should be spending doing other things like, oh I don’t know… talking to someone face to face? When I log into Facebook I am told what various people are doing with their lives. That’s the first thing I see. I really don’t give a flying fish what some people from my past are doing yet every day I am reminded of their whereabouts. Some people from college, we were close then, but have moved on and I’m okay with that and would prefer to move on but yet I am reminded of what they are doing and who they still keep in contact with through “mini-feed.” Why is our world so obsessed with Facebook? Yes there are those friends who my mom used to go to high school with who are now contacting her and yes I am able to look at pictures of my cousins who live in Colorado, but honestly, before Facebook and twitter and every other way to communicate, people made out just fine! Ray B. Williams, Co-Founder of Success IQ University and President of Ray Williams Associates, states in his article, Facebook vs. face-to-face communications: Which do younger folks prefer? “The International Association of Business Communications released a report recently which stated, among other things, that while Millennials (children born during the era of technology) frequently use electronic communication in various forms including the telephone, text messaging and social media, they are equally comfortable with face-to-face communications, the preferred method for Baby Boomers.” Is this true? If it is, why do so many of us choose to have a 20-minute back and forth text message conversation instead of calling on the phone for a few minutes? I don’t care what people are doing every moment of their lives. Do you really think I care that you woke up, had breakfast, went for a run in the beautiful weather, and then did homework? Or are you putting your status as “having a delicious dinner that my amazing boyfriend made for me!” so other girls who are single are jealous of you? If you’re not, you could have fooled me. Carolyn Anderson, an ophthalmic surgeon, entrepreneur, and speaker says in her article titled, Online vs. Face to Face Communication, “You may feel connected with your friends who post frequent status updates but you are most likely missing out on the most important information. Even most social over-sharers will not post when they experience a soul crushing rejection or experience. Until you can get face to face with them and ask them how they are really doing, it is unlikely that you will be able to fully relate to them.” For the past few years I have chosen to give up Facebook for Lent. 40 days without Facebook. No one thought I could do it the first year, but did I prove them wrong! It was glorious. I loved not going on. But did I ask my friends and family what was happening on there? You bet it did, I didn’t live completely without it because I was told what was going on through friends. The worst part about going back on Facebook on Easter Sunday or Monday is the amount of notifications you have. Makes me not want to go on ever … but I do. Why? I feel like there is now a gap in my life when I don’t have Facebook, but yet once a week I have a debate in my head about whether or not to get rid of it forever… for now, I have it, but will I still have Facebook tomorrow or in a month from now? I’m not sure. I’ll keep you updated.

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