All around me

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I was just sititng there oe night listening to music and words formed sentences and thats how i came up with this

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



Like a wall you surround me

Four sides each one closing me into a box.

I put my hands against the wall and push.

My fingernail’s scrape the white paint.

I push till my arms become sore

The air has a distinct smell…just like you

It chokes me to the point of tears.

The thickness of the walls remind me of your arms.

A person emerges from the wall

Then another and another and another.

Until the room is so tight I can barely move.

They got in so why can’t I get out.

Im being shoved into a corner.

There crowding around me making it hard to breathe.

All of them have the same look on there face. Anger.

Except for you

I can see your eyes through the crowd of people.

I try to move forward but end up being shoved back.

I can see you trying to get to me

I push one person to the side and take a step.

Repeatedly being pushed back until there’s only one person left.

This person is the biggest of all.

I take two steps forward and get pushed to the ground.

I look into his eyes, stand up put my hands out in front of me and push until he falls to the ground.

You look at me and smile

“I knew you could do it”

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