What is love to me?

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What love is to me.
Some of the ideas expressed might be confusing because this was meant to be private before my friend told me to post it because she thought other people could benefit from it.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



What is Love

Love is different for everyone but for me...

Love changes your life.

Love is how nervous I was the first time I met you in person.

Love was our first kiss while playing monopoly and we kept rolling doubles.

Love was the ring you put on my finger the day you had to go back home.

Love is that the ring was your cousin's who commited suicide.

Love is all the tears I cried while you walked out my door facing a 4 hour drive home.

Love is sending e-mails throughout my lunch hours and any other second I could at school.

Love is that I still have all 302 of them saved.

Love is not getting rid of any of your things no matter how sad or mad I get.

Love makes you a fucking hoarder.

Love is in pictures of us.

Love is going to the hotel and risking everything by lying to my mom.

Love is in the memory card I lost in the bed at the hotel and never getting to keep the pictures that were on it.

Love is visiting the apartment together and seeing you so excited over having a balcony.

Love is the happiest time of your life.

Love is your support through my surgery.

Love is your support when my grandma died. You were the only person who understood me when I didn't cry at all until they closed the casket and started the funeral.

Love was keeping our webcams on all night so I felt like I wasn't alone.

Love is listening to "I'm Yours."

Love was how much I enjoyed your company.

Love is how I begged my mom to stop in Kingston on our way to Montreal.

Love is the way we would steal each other's gum.

Love is the way I remember you when I taste Spearmint Stride.

Love is still having your cologne so I can remember how amazing you smelled.

Love is us sharing a poutine at the mall.

Love was the way we would growl at each other.

Love was in your blue eyes.

Love was your smile.

Love is your hugs that would always make me feel better, even when I knew you were about to go home.

Love is crying every time you had to leave and not being able to stop thinking about how much I loved spending the last few days with you.

Love was laying in bed watching movies and just talking with you.

Love is your dad and how much he cares about me and how much I care about him. More than my own dad.

Love is our nicknames. Panda and Koala, among many others.

Love is the feeling of safety when I'm in your arms.

Love is "Whatever it Takes".

Love is being there for the other person.

Love is trusting someone with your life.

Love is being honest even when the truth hurts or when it is scary.

Love is not being ashamed of who you are, or of the other person.

Love is a need not a want.

Love can't always be good to us.

Love needs to be bad to us sometimes or you can't feel it.

If it's all good, how do you even know it's there?

Love is not real if it's beautiful.

When it hurts you, you know it's real.

Love creates holes inside of you.

Love is that nobody can fill the holes except for you.

Love is permanent even when it isn't.

Love is disagreeing about things.

Love is having an opinion.

Love is crying yourself to sleep at night.

Love gets you through the bad times.

Bad times just make you stronger.

Love is bad timing.

Love is bad location but it's how you work around that.

Love is you fighting reality, fighting for everything, fighting to be with the one.

Love is a place where your friends can't help you.

Love is a place where you can only be by yourself and with that person.

Love is that they saved you and you saved them. But,

Love is that they didn't need to be saved forever and you did.

Love is how sorry I am for pushing you away.

Love is that at the time I thought it was better to let you go to Alberta.

Love is how much I tried to not let you see how worried I was when you left.

Love is how much I regret telling you I'd be okay while you were gone.

Love is how I was not okay at all.

Love is that it is probably going to be a very long time before I see you again, If I ever do. But that doesn't matter because I still remember the last time like it was yesterday.

Love is how through all the fights we still managed to remain friends.

Love is that I wish we were more than that.

Love is that I know this probably isn't going to happen but,

Love is that I'll never give up.

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