Milk Drinkers are Turning to Powder

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A fictional account of artificial milk.



If you’ve ever had a childhood, then you’ve been told to drink milk. Because, let’s face it- the stuff is good for you.  New York nutritionist David Green challenges that.

A recent study done by Green is making current milk consumers rethink their milk choices. His one year experiment in 2010 is showing beneficial effects from those who drank Green’s special powder milk verses those who only consumed cow, llama, and goat milk.

“A lot more nutrients can be packed into the powder,” Green states. “It’s the same reason we feed our dogs’ dog food instead of what they would have normally eaten in the wild.” Green’s formula has proceeded to prove this with only one problem- the formula has already been invented.

Wondering why Green was getting so much credit for their product, brands such as Boost and Insure teamed up to investigate the situation.  Their findings didn’t surprise them.

Green had been hired as a business advisor for the up-and-coming business “Powder Powder”.

“We see this sort of ting among competing markets all the time,” says marketing financer Dr. Paul Georgenson.  “Most of the time the information created is either faulty or already out there.”

Dr. Georgenson’s saying has proved to be true. Artificially- enhanced milk is good for you in some aspects, but who says the real deal isn’t? Because your childhood isn’t deceiving you- drinking natural milk still remains one of the best things you could possibly do for your body. I know milk will keep a special spot in my fridge forever. 

Submitted: February 15, 2012

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