The Daily Life of Siblings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A typical sibling rivalry written in the words of Unit III vocab.


Bob and Kim are in their shared room.  They are sitting on their beds doing their own thing.

Bob:  Kim!  I need your adroit skills to come here and fix this for me!

Kim:  What for!?  I’m on the phone with my amicable friend Milos!

Bob: Why do you have to use such big words?

Kim: Why do you have to be so averse towards big words?

Bob:  I am not.  I can use big words too, it’s nothing to get belligerent about.  See?

Kim:…yeah.. I totally learned that word in, like, 4th grade.

Bob.  *coughcoughNERDcoughcough*

Kim:  I am not!  I, for your information, am a very benevolent person.

Bob:  Oh yeah?  Spell that.

Kim. Spell what?

Bob: Benevolent, smartie!

Kim: Sorry if I didn’t know what you were talking about, Bob, you shouldn’t be so cursory. Justbecause you know the definition of a word and how to use it doesn’t mean you should know howto spell it.

Bob:…I thought you were on the phone with Milos.  But I still need your help when you’re done.

Kim:  I’m already off.  What do you need?

Bob:  See this string? 

Kim: Yes.

Bob:  I had it in this tiny hole right here, but The Little Sister pulled it out.  Who knew she was capable of such duplicity?

Kim:  Hey.  Be nice. Only I can talk about her that way.

Bob: What!?  Why!? 

Kim:  Sister to sister, duh!

Bob:  That’s bologna.  She’s my sister too, you know.

Kim:  You just stick to extolling The Little Sister.  I’ll take care of the fooling around.

Bob: Whatever. Can you help me with this or what?

Kim:  Yes, I would say that would be feasible.

Bob: *Groans* How much do you want?

Kim: Aye!  I grimace at the thought of charging my bother for my works.  No, I will not charge you. 

Bob:  What’s the catch? I have to dress like a girl to school for a week?  I get all you chores?  Do your homework?  Eat your vegetables?  Just whatever you do, please don’t make a holocaust out of it.

Kim:  I am impervious to your thoughts.  I would like you to make sure everybody knows the importance of me being elected school president this year.  Be the impetus to my existence at School North High.

Bob: Isn’t that jeopardizing your qualifications for the whole thing?  I thought you had to do all the work on your own.

Kim: Nope.  I hired you to do work for me.  Thus, I did the work.

Bob:  That’s kind of streaching it…

Kim:  Trust me, I very meticulously looked over the rules.  I can do this.

Bob:  Ok, fine.  Now will you help me already?

Kim: Why do you need that string in there anyway?

Bob:  Does it matter? I’m having nostalgia right now!

Kim: Isn’t that  a little extreme for a tiny piece of string?

Bob:  Yes, maybe.  But I want it to be the way it was in the past.  That qualifies for nostalgia, does it not?

Kim:  Yes, I guess it does.  Though it’s the quintessence of the word, that’s for sure.

Bob: I don’t really care!  Just retrogress back to where we were before.  Where was that? Oh yeah!  You  were going to help me put this string back into this hole like a normal sister would and not charge me for it!

Kim: Ok. Give me the stinking thing so I can scrutinize it.

Bob: Here.

Kim: Why so tepid about it?

Bob: Because honestly, I don’t really care about it anymore.I just realized that the string is the wrong color anyway and I have to go out and buy the right one.

Kim: !

Bob:  Well, I best be on my way before you decide to kill me or something of the liking.  See you later!

Kim: BOB!  Get back here-

Bob leaves, leaving Kim fuming in his dust.

Submitted: October 31, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Kelsie . All rights reserved.

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This is funny! Reminds me of me and my brother Jon. Keep it up, I'll stay tuned in. :-)

Mon, October 31st, 2011 11:57pm


Thanks! It's alot like me and my brother too. Thanks for reading!

Mon, October 31st, 2011 6:47pm

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