The Life Created by Rain Inside the Soul

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Ambition, amazement, and devotion inside of me have to come out in some way.

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



I get these things every now and then

that make me want to LIVE.

They're beautiful things, 

but like a precious breeze, 

they only last a few moments.

Though sometimes I can carry them on into the night,

by morning they're gone.


I feel this one is different

which makes it all the same

as all the others

I've ever carried.


Maybe it's like a stone 

smooth, flat, and rounded in the corners.

It's the perfect rock.

A foundation for works of amazement that defy the laws of physics.

A miracle, you could say,

but miracles don't dissapear under the water like these do.


I guess they add up eventually, though

if you get enough of them.

They compile on the bottom of the ocean until some other force stirs it up.


So I guess it's a good thing I can feel something arising inside of me.

A mental battle. A storm.  A hurricane in the depths of my soul.


And when it rains around here, 

it pours.


So watch out world.

Be prepared to be questioned, challenged, and think.

You'll know devotion by the time this storm is up.

You'll be baffaled when you come out and see

not damage,

but change.

A positive change.


You'll look around you and say, 

"So this is what I've been missing?"

He'll respond "Yes" and answer the rest of your questions

but probably leave you with more than what you had in the first place.


But those questions

Will be your rock.

And all your rocks

Will stir up the sea, causing a storm.


It will rain.


And when it rains around here, 

it pours.

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