Hope Floats, Chapter 10

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kat saw Chris at school the next morning. She’d missed the bus, so she got a ride with her mom. She would get Wendy and Corina to fill her in later. Right now, she focused on Chris. Her best friend looked a little on edge.

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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Submitted: May 04, 2011



Thursday 21st


Kat saw Chris at school the next morning. She’d missed the bus, so she got a ride with her mom. She would get Wendy and Corina to fill her in later. Right now, she focused on Chris. Her best friend looked a little on edge. His black hair covered his eyes, and he folded and unfolded his hand. Chris wasn’t a tall guy, or even a big guy. He was skinnier than Kat for goodness sake. The kid refused to gain weight. And he always wore sweaters and weird, cargo pants. You would never catch Chris in jeans, he hated them. Kat contemplated what he was doing waiting for her. She didn’t think her brain could handle any more speculation, so she decided just to ask.

“Hey, what’s up? You look anxious.”

Chris gave her a feeble smile. “I’m okay. Actually I do have to talk to you. You working tonight?”

“Yeah, I am actually. Wanna walk with me?”

“Sure. Thanks Kat.” He looked around nervously, looking like  someone with a secret. As if reading her mind, he said, “I’ll tell you everything tonight.”

“Okay, best buddy.” Kat smiled at him wide. “I’ll see you here at two.” Kat hoped her friend would be alright. He hadn’t been himself in a while; maybe now she would find out why.


“So did you talk to him?” Kat looked at Dean hopefully.

He looked back, giving her a nice try look. “I told you, I’m not going to.”

“DEAN!!” Kat whined. “Hmph. Fine then, DON’T help me then.” Kat pouted. Dean was an ace at pissing her off.

“You work tonight?” He was also an expert at ignoring her and changing their topic of conversation without her consent.


“Getting a ride with Chinese boy?”

“Shut up Dean.”

Silence followed. Kat was amazed. Dean was always talking, about something or another. Most times it was something she didn’t really care about. But she guessed she tended to do that as well, when she was excited about something.

In any case, the silence was broken about a minute later. “So, you going to Summer Formal?”

“Yeah, remember? I was freaking out about dresses? And dates?”

“Oh yeah. How’s that going?”

“Dress shopping is this weekend. Dates? Pretty much an epic fail, since Braedan swore at me and you won’t help.” She glowered at him. He didn’t seem to notice. Kat sighed. “What about you? You going?”

“Yeah, I probably will. I’m thinking of asking Belle.”

“Belle, as in Braedan’s cousin, Belle?” Kat wasn’t really surprised. Belle and Braedan were pretty close, so Dean saw her often. She was really pretty, and Dean followed her like Kat followed Braedan.

“Yeah. Think I have a chance?”

“Sure.” Kat decided not to burst his bubble. He’d been chasing Belle for years. What made him think she would be interested now? “Good luck anyway though.” Kat really meant it. Dean deserved happiness, even if he wasn’t helping hers. “But since YOU won’t help me, looks like I’m resigned to going with Trent.” Kat rolled her eyes.


“Just never mind.” He always wanted to know everything, pain that he was. “Hey could you do me a favour?”

“What would that be? I told you I won’t ask him for you.”

“Just bring up Summer Formal today in tech class. I can take it from there.” At least, that’s what Kat told herself, over and over.


Tech class rolled around soon enough, and Kat was NERVOUS. She didn’t know why. Okay, she did, but it wasn’t like she could really screw this up any more. Still, it comforted her to see Braedan smile back at her.

Dean came through, repetitive as usual. “So Kat, you going to Summer Formal?”

“I think so, although I still need a date. How about you?” She turned to Braedan. “You going?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Dances are boring.”

Kat faltered a little. “Oh. That’s too bad, cause I was wondering, that is… I was hoping I wouldn’t be the only one there to hang out with Dean. You’re going, eh Dean?”

Kat must have hid her emotions well, because Dean started yakking again, oblivious. Kat stared at the floor. She had just practically begged Braedan to go to the dance, and he’d said no. If he’d liked her at all, he would at least GO, if not with her than just to dance with her. She was doomed to be alone. She felt as if she would burst into tears any minute.

“Hey, Kat, you okay?”

Kat looked up to find Shawn looking at her. Apparently, she did NOT hide her emotions well. “I’m fine Shawn. Thanks though.” She told Mr. Falsehate she was going to the bathroom, and walked out to take a much needed breather. She groaned when she thought about going to work. She still had to meet Chris after school. Good, she thought, he can help me sort out this mess.



Kat met Chris at her locker after class, ready to burst. But she could tell immediately that something was wrong. So she kept quiet, and waited until they had left the school before asking, “Are you okay?”

After a long tense silence, Chris finally spoke.

“Kat, there’s something you should know. It has nothing to do with you, you have to know that.” He wavered slightly. She waited patiently.

“I’m gay.”

Kat’s mind stopped, stunned. She felt like she’d been hit by a bus. She wasn’t angry, or happy, or sad. She just felt shocked. Chris, gay?

“I’ve known for a while now,” he continued. “Even when we were together, I suspected it. I’m sorry, Kat.” He looked really worried, like he was waiting for her approval.

Kat would never have expected it, but now that she thought about it, it made a lot of sense. Why he’d never really been into girls, why they’d never got physical at all, and…

“Is Flynn?”

“Yeah, he’s bi. He convinced me. I mean, I wasn’t really sure. How do you just decide one day, ‘I’m gay.’?”

He still looked a little on edge, so Kat did the only thing she could think of. She stopped in the middle of the side walk and gave him and enormous hug.

“Why would you be sorry? You’ll always be my best buddy EVER! And now we can check out guys together.” Kat giggled. “Just kidding. Seriously Chris, I’m so glad you told me.”

“Me too Kat. Me too.”

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