Hope Floats, Chapter 4

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Wednesday 13th


Morning bus rides were usually quiet. But this morning, there was no shortage of chatter on the one subject on the girls minds; Summer Formal.

“Oh my gosh, I need a dress. It used to be so easy with you mom’s shop right in town, Cor.”

“I know, right? We should go into the city one day.” Corina looked from Wendy to Kat. “I need a really pretty dress. You two have to help me.”

“Of course we will!” Wendy said enthusiastically. Then she paused. “Guys, is it too corny to match your date?”

Kat snorted. “If that’s you biggest problem, I might have to kill you. I don’t even have a date to match with.”

“Neither do I Kat. I’ll be your date, unless a certain “Bob” asks me.” Corina giggled; Bob was their codename for Keith.

“Cor, you have to help me convince Chris to come.”

“What? He’s not coming? Why not?!” Chris had also gone to school with all three girls.

“I’m sure its not because HE hasn’t got a date,” Wendy pointed out. “Honestly, you two are so dramatic.”

Both girls turned on Wendy. “Don’t give me that! You were exactly like us six months ago, little one.” Kat was referring to Wendy’s height, being only 4'11" and the baby of the group.

“True. Okay.” Wendy agreed. “So lets plan to go shopping for dresses next Saturday. And whoever doesn’t have a date buys lunch.”

“That’s not fair! You already have one!”

“Yeah, well, I’m broke anyway.”

Kat sighed. “Fine. I’ll borrow mom’s car. It’s a date.”


“…so Bre’s going on about Summer Formal next month, and I’m like, whatever. Dances make girls crazy, I swear, its wired into their brains.”

Mike’s laughter brought Kat back to reality. Phil was looking at her expectantly.

“Right Kat?”


“Girls are crazy about dances.”

Kat shook her head disappointedly. “It’s not just a dance, Phil. It’s Summer Formal. It’s the romance.” Kat sighed, dreamily.

“Pft! Romance- Shmomance.”

“Girls are big on romance, man. They love crazy stuff,” Mike interjected.

Kat gasped, mockingly. “Wow, a man with common sense. That’s a pretty attractive quality.” She smiled at him. He smiled back. Kat almost fainted. Phil made a disgusted noise.

Kat looked away, slightly flushed. She could hardly believe what she had just said. Smiling, she shook her head. Maybe her courage would continue, and eventually land her a date. Free lunch, here I come.


“Well gidday there Kitten, how are you today?”

Kat looked up to find Trent waiting for her at her locker.

“I’m pretty good, how bout you doofus?”

Trent was a junior who followed her sometimes. He was an ass, but kind of fun to flirt with every now and again. He wasn’t really attractive, but he had this bad guy appeal. And he called her Kitten.

“Summer’s just around the corner, there Kitten. That means cold beer, girls in short shorts, Summer Formal…”

“Subtle.” Kat had to smile at the corniness.

“Just sayin’. If you absolutely need a date, I will bite that bullet, just for you Kitten.” He shot her a cocky Trent smile.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to let you know when I sink below dirt.”

He smiled again. “Just offering Kitten, no need to hiss.”

Kat rolled her eyes. “Goodbye Trent.” She turned on her heel and strode away, looking over her shoulder once at the menace grinning at her.


Kat was, again, talking to Chris. She just HAD to tell him about her bold move in English and the date challenge.


Chris says:

You know I’ll be your date if you need me to.

Kat <3 My life would suck without you <3 says:

Thanks, but I shouldn’t. I have one offer. Not a good one, but…

Kat <3 My life would suck without you <3 says:

You still have to come though

Chris says:

Meh, I dunno. I’ll think about it

Chris says:

Hey, did you see Flynn today?

Kat <3 My life would suck without you <3 says:

Flynn? Now that you mention it, no. Why?

Chris says:

No reason, forget it.


Kat had to wonder why Chris was asking about Flynn. He was a junior who usually ate lunch with them, and Kat’s friend Theresa liked him. He was weird though. Different and kind of emo. Him and Chris did seem to get along, thinking about it. But Chris had said to forget it, so Kat forgot.

Kat <3 My life would suck without you <3 says:

K. Wanna hang out Friday night, your place?

Chris says:

Sure. We can watch Chihuahua

Kat <3 My life would suck without you <3 says:

You would  :)


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