Hope Floats, Chapter 17

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The night you've all been waiting for: Summer Formal. What happens might shock you :]Sorry it's so long, but a lot of stuff happens..

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



Hey, just wanted to let anyone who's reading this know that this is the last Chapter of Hope Floats. I hope you've enjoyed it. I have written another story, still following Kat. I'm only going to post it on Booksie if I know at least one person wants to read it. So if you want to follow Kat some more, please comment on this chapter. Enjoy :)

Friday 29th


“So how was the game yesterday?” Kat asked in general, plunking down at the tech table.

For once, Braedan responded first, although only with “Good.”

“You guys win?”



“Dean fell on his ass.”

Kat laughed and looked at Dean, who had remained silent until this point. “Now I know why they keep you on the bench most of the time.”

“I only fell the once, and it was because some scrawny kid tripped me.”

“Uh huh. Right.”

As usual, Dean changed the subject. “You going tonight?”

“Yup!” She couldn’t even be bothered to point out he was repeating himself. “You still going even though Belle won’t be there?”

“Yeah, I think so. Matt’s going, so I’ll hang out with him.”

Kat looked at Braedan. “Sure we can’t talk you into coming?”

“Nope, I’ll pass.”

For once, Kat didn’t care. All she said was “Your loss. This dance is going to be OFF the HOOK!”



Kat was walking down the hall after lunch, heading to chemistry class when she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

“Kat! Wait up!”

Kat turned to find Flynn coming down the hallway toward her. Kids were giving him strange looks the entire time. Just because he had green hair and wore skinny pants, that didn’t really make him that different, did it? He had two lip piercings , and every time Kat saw them, all she could think about was how painful that must be. Still, she tried to focus on Flynn’s face as he spoke.

“Have you seen Chris today?”

“He’s not here today. Why?”

“Oh, I just have to talk to him about something.” Flynn looked at her questioningly, as if to say Do you know?

“I know about him. And you. What’s up?”

“He’s avoiding me. I know he wants to come tonight, but he’s scared. I just need to get a hold of him.”

Kat thought about her best buddy. He was her rock, and she loved him to death. Somehow, she got the feeling he was avoiding Flynn. He was always stubborn like this. She thought she saw his point of view, but it was because she wanted the best for him that she scrawled his number on a piece of scrap paper.

“Here, that’s his number. I agree with you, and I know he does too. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

“Thanks Kat. I just need to talk to him.”

Kat smiled. “I know just how you feel. Make him come, okay?”



“It’s tonight! Oh my gosh, guys! I can’t believe it!” Corina was freaking out.

“Breathe Cor. I know you’re excited, but just breathe.” Kat looked around. “Where is Keith anyway?”

“Working. I saw him today, he said he would meet me there.”

Wendy stormed on the bus. “AH! Kat, what should I do with my hair? HELP!”

Kat shook her head. She had her look down pat; as always, Kat was organized. So she was happy to help her crazed friend. “I’ll get off the bus at your place, and we can go from there.” Then she burst into a huge smile. “You guys realize I have a real date? This is awesome! I haven’t dated since Lance!” Kat could have spun around in happiness.

“Don’t forget Chris!” Wendy reminded her. Kat always forgot that her and Chris had dated. Maybe because it was only for a month, and they still spoke.

Corina piped up. “Speaking of Lance, I heard he’s going with Yoli tonight.”

Wendy gasped. “You’re kidding!”

“Nope.” Corina shook her head. “I never believed anyone would ever date him again. I guess its not just you Kat. There is something about that louse that girls are attracted to.”

All three girls shuddered. Kat was still stuck on the fact that he was going. She hoped she didn’t see him there. She had enough on her plate as it was. When the bus stopped at Wendy’s house, Kat put him out of mind, and began her countdown once again. Five hours.



Kat was driving down the deserted back road. She was trying to follow the confusing map Mike had helped her create. So far, she didn’t think it was working.

“What the...” she muttered to herself, passing barn after barn.

She had indeed got off the bus at Wendy’s house, and helped her form a pretty updo with her hair. She had then gone home to find her own sister rushing around like a madwoman.

“Kaaattt” she whined. “Help me do up my dress!”

Ella looked superb, her hair in some sort of French twist thing. Kat herself had gone with Chris’ advice and made big, loose curls. She had to admit, he knew what he was talking about. She went to follow her sister, who had run off to the bathroom to do her makeup.

“So where are you and Cory meeting?” Kat questioned her sister.

“At the dance. I’m getting a ride there with Romilda. You’re picking us up, right?”


“That’s what Mom said.” Ella continued moisturizing her face,  not seeming to notice Kats fury.

“Well, I’m driving Mike home too, so you guys will have to wait at the school.”

“Okay, whatever.” Ella turned to her. “How do I look?”

“Super awesome. Ok, time for ME to get ready.”

So now, Kat was primped, crimped and lost in the middle of nowhere. This couldn’t be right. She saw the faint light of a window in the distance, and decided she could call for help from there.

When she pulled into the driveway, Kat thought that it looked like the house Mike had described to her. Sure enough, he opened the front door and came out to the porch. Kat silently thanked God for her good fortune. Mike looked pretty damn good in a suit, she thought. She rolled down the window.

He whistled. “Wow. Lookin’ good.”

Kat smiled. “Yup, it’s all mine. Pretty sweet, minus the dent,” she said, patting the door affectionately.

“Yeah, that’s a nice car. But I was talking about the girl in it, although can only see her from the shoulder up.”

Kat blushed a little and stepped out of the car. He smiled and ambled down the porch steps. “Man, I’m going to have to watch out. Guys are gonna be trying to steal my date.” He laughed and Kat smiled. “Seriously, you look nice.”

“You clean up okay yourself.”

“It took a long time. LONG time.”

Kat laughed. “Well, lets get going. Wouldn’t want to miss our dinner reservation at McDonalds.”

He smiled. “Okay. But I cant guarantee I won’t spill ketchup on me. Or that I won’t expect you to lick it off.” He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Kat laughed. “Just get in the car.”



The school gym had been completely transformed. What used to be a hovel for cocky sports players had been transformed into a beautiful garden of tropical flowers and beach-like scenery. Kat couldn’t believe she was walking into her own school. Though this time was different. Kat just took in the atmosphere for a moment.

She spotted Wendy waiting for her inside the entrance. “AHH!” Kat ran over and hugged her tight. “You look soo good!”

“Thanks hun. You too! Hi Mike.”

“Hey Wendy.” Mike looked a little uncomfortable, so Kat turned to him and leaned in. “I’ll just be a couple minutes. Go find Phil, I’ll meet you in there.”

“You sure?”

“It’s a high school dance. I should be safe.” She smiled.

Mike strode off into the crowd and Kat turned back to Stephen and Wendy.

“So you seen Cor yet?” Kat asked, peering around.

“Yeah, she disappeared in there with Keith. I think he’s drunk.” Wendy paused. “Oh, there’s Tim!” She waved him over.

“Wens! You KNOW how awkward seeing him is. I could just kill you.”

Tim appeared at their group. “Hey Kat, whatsup?”

“Hey Tim. I just got here.”

“You look pretty. Where’s the date?”

“Oh, he was just here, he went to find his friends.” Kat turned, looking for some kind of salvation. “Oh! There’s Corina! I’m gonna go say hi! See you guys later!”

Kat ran. Well, not literally, but she made it to Corina in record time.

“Kat! Hey, your dress looks awesome. Didn’t I tell you? Where’s Mike?”

“He’s in there with Phil and Bre,” she said, pointing towards the dance area. “Where’s Keith?”

“He’s in the bathroom I think. He’s been drinking a bit...

Kat sighed. “Just don’t do anything stupid. And if you need a ride home, I’m here, okay?”

“Thanks Kat. I’m going to go find Wilson, see if he can help me find Keith.” She still smiled, in spite of losing her date. “I can’t believe I’m here with him Kat.” With that, she took off.

Kat couldn’t believe how stuck on him Corina was. But there was no telling her. She needed to find out for herself, and she would eventually. Maybe even sooner than later. Kat shook her head and proceeded into the main gym where the dance was going on. It was loud, but Kat heard the familiar voice from behind her.

“Well, gidday there Kitten.”

“Hey doofus.” She smiled, looking him up and down. “You clean up... not ...really bad.” His hair was greasier than usual, although it looked as if he had attempted to slick it back. In any case, it hung over his face in the normal fashion.

He either missed or chose to ignore her sarcasm. “Why thank you Kitten. Would you care to accompany me to the dance floor?”

Kat laughed at Trent’s effort to be eloquent. “Not really no.” Just then, Kat spotted Mike in front of them. “Actually, that’s my date right there. Gotta run!” She smiled, and marched over to where Mike stood, looking at them. She grabbed his hand and lead him away, into the crowd. “Before you ask, he’s a junior who follows me sometimes. He’s just a harmless idiot.”

“Well, he obviously likes you. Was he your other offer?”

“Yup. I’d definitely rather be here with you though. Where’s Phil?”

“Him and Bre are somewhere. I saw them”

“Want to hang out with them then?” Kat asked, more politely than anything.

“Not really. They’re kind of sickening.”

Kat smiled, relieved. “Great. Let’s dance.”

“I can’t promise I’m any good...” he said warningly.

Kat was happy to prove him wrong. She enjoyed dancing with him for a long time before she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around to face the owner, she cried out.

“CHRIS!” She threw herself into his arms. “You came!”

“Yeah. Flynn got a hold of me. Man, is he persistent.”

Kat smiled to herself, proud of her disobedience. “That’s great! I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Couldn’t pass up seeing you. You look amazing by the way. Nice hair.” He smiled.

“Yeah, you were right. Again. Seen Cor yet?”

“Nope, that’s my next stop.” He smiled a little.

“Where’s Flynn?”

“I think he went to talk to Theresa? He’s here somewhere.”

“Go find him. I’ll see you later.” She gave him another hug. “I’m so happy for you,” she whispered.

Chris gave her a smile, and nodded at Mike. Then he left.

Kat had almost forgot about Mike. She turned around to face him again. He looked slightly rejected.

“Who’s that?”

“Chris, my best guy friend EVER. He wasn’t going to come, and I’m just happy to see him out.”

He stared at her disapprovingly. “He likes you too, I bet.”

“Actually, I’ll tell you a secret. He’s gay.”

Mikes face lifted a little. “Oh yeah? Crazy. He’s here with his ... boyfriend?”

“Sort of.”

Mike shrugged. “Cool. Well, it’s true, what I said earlier about guys checking you out. That’s two so far.”

Kat laughed. “Aw, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were jealous,” she joked.

“Maybe I AM!” he said with mock outrage.

“Well, incase you didn’t notice, I’m dancing with you. Or at least I was, until Chris interrupted.”

“He’s forgiven.” Mike grabbed her hand this time, and they started dancing again. They were by themselves most of the time, although they drifted between her friends and his. Kat felt like she was in heaven. She couldn’t remember being this happy since Lance. Ah, scary thought.

A slow song was playing, something with a Latin sound. Mike leaned down to say something.

“I have a confession to make.” He leaned in closer so she would hear him. “I couldn’t figure out how to ask you tonight. I wanted to for a while.”


“Yeah. So I got Phil to bring it up in class. When you said you weren’t going, I froze up. I’m just glad you changed your mind.”

Kat’s thoughts stopped, stunned by what she had just heard. She couldn’t believe it. Mike had liked her for a while, and she hadn’t noticed. She’d been to busy chasing Braedan around, meanwhile, Mike had been chasing her. She had been so obsessed with Braedan, she’d never even realized. Come to think about it, she hadn’t thought about Braedan all night. She suddenly realized that she had been wasting her time, waiting for a guy who didn’t even see her, when there was a perfect guy right in front of her. She wouldn’t ignore fate any longer, she vowed.

Enrique was still crooning in the background. Kat tilted her head to look up at him, and, mustering up her courage, said “Kiss me.”

After less than a second’s hesitation, Kat saw him bend his head and felt his lips on hers. She lost herself in the moment, only feeling her mouth moving in time with his. All tangible thought stopped. And then it was over; the song, the kiss, the moment.

He looked down at her. “That,” he said, “is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

Kat was dazed. “You really liked me?”

“The whole time.”

She shook her head in disbelief. “I never guessed it. Never. I wish I’d noticed.”

“Well, I guess we both know now.” He shuffled awkwardly. “I’ll be right back, going to the washroom.”

Kat stood, rooted to the spot, watching him go. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Suddenly, she was overcome with happiness. She wanted to spin around and just enjoy this feeling. Where were her friends when she needed them?

As if on cue, Dean appeared in front of her. She hadn’t seen him all night; in truth, she had forgotten he was coming.

“Hey Kat.”

“Dean! What’s up?”

“Not much. You look good, nice dress. I like the red.”

“Guys do. Thanks, you look decent too. Belle never did come then eh?”

“Nah. Neither did Braedan. You’re missing him I bet.”

Kats smile widened, and she could honestly say “Nope! I’m over him. Finally decided to stop wasting my time.”

Dean sighed. “Glad to hear it.” Then he smiled. “So I’m pretty sure you promised me a dance.”

Kat stopped daydreaming, and looked back at Dean. “Seriously?”

“Yeah. You said that since you didn’t have a date, I could come dance with you. And since I don’t have a date either, it worked out okay. So want to dance?”

Kat didn’t know what to say. All she could manage was “I thought you didn’t dance.”

“You’d forgive me wouldn’t you?” He smiled. “Come on, lets dance. That’s what we’re here for, right?” He took a step towards her. “And since you’re not hung up on Braedan anymore, I thought I could finally get a chance.”

“Ummm...” Kat froze up. She was confused, but it seemed to her like Dean was hitting on her. She didn’t know what to do.

He stepped closer to her. Just then, Kat felt hands around her waist, and she was swung into powerful arms. She felt herself being kissed again, the same, sweet cologne filling her nostrils.

“Sorry,” she heard Mike say as the kiss was broken, “but she’s got a date.” He glared at Dean, his arms still wound around Kat’s waist. Kat looked helplessly at Dean, who looked stunned. He was staring at her.

“A date eh? You never told me that.”

“You never asked,” she said lamely. Kat felt so small.

Dean looked heartbroken. “You’re right. Well, I told Matt I’d be right back, so I better go. See you Monday.” And just like that, he walked away.

Kat had no idea. None. She’d really been blindsided this time. Oh God, was all she thought. She felt sick. Somewhere along the line he’d got the wrong idea. And she’d never known. Kat was feeling doubly oblivious tonight. She’d dreamed of breaking Deans heart someday. She knew now that it wasn’t what she’d wanted at all. In fact, she’d give almost anything to go back just a few minutes.

Kat turned to Mike. He was just staring at her. Kat prayed she wouldn’t lose him too. All she could say was “Why’d you do that?”

He ignored her. “What’s HIS deal?”

“I thought we were just friends. I really did.” Kat could feel her eyes welling up. She squashed down the urge to cry. Not until she figured this out.

He sighed, and pulled her into a hug. Kat exhaled inside. “Girl, you’re like a magnet.” he murmured into her hair. He pushed her back, looking into her eyes. His grey eyes were incredibly dark now, the mystery gone, but they still held her captive.

“Kat, I want you to be all mine. Be my girlfriend.”

Kat was so confused. She had gone from ecstatic to desolate in les than five minutes. And now, Mike was asking her to go out with him. She took a moment to sort out her head, and she really did want this. Dean was still on her mind, but she decided to focus on her prince and deal with her demons later. She smiled genuinely.

“Of course I will! Mike, you’re amazing. I want to be all yours too.”

He breathed a visible sigh of relief. “Thank GOD!”  He smiled, then serious again, he said, “I’m sorry if I screwed things up with you and Dean. I just saw him near you, and I just got sick of guys hitting on you.”

Kat nodded. “I understand. But you know I have to go find him.”

“Yeah. I’m truly sorry, baby.”

Kat beamed at the term of endearment. “Don’t be. That kiss was worth it.”

She tore off into the crowd to find Dean. She didn’t know what she’d say to him, but she knew she had to make it right.

She finally found him at the entrance.

“Dean.” She approached him slowly. He turned to her.

“Kat. What brings you out here?”

“Don’t give me that!” She was frustrated. “What just happened in there?”

“It’s obvious, you like Mike and not Braedan. Why’d you lie to me Kat?”

“Don’t turn this on me!”

“Well, what do you want me to say?”

“Why?” She had to ask. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

He looked at her. “I thought you were infatuated with my best friend. When exactly would have been a good time for you?”

“You let me think we were just friends.”

“Oh come on. EVERYONE else could see it, you just didn’t. Why do you think Braedan never talked to you?”

Realization hit her. “You sabotaged me? It was your fault he...? DEAN, how could you?!”

“We’re friends, he wasn’t going to screw me over. And clearly you never liked either of us, because you’re in there kissing Mike!”

Kat snapped. “I did like Braedan! For months and months! I chased him, praying that he would notice me! I did everything I could. I’m sure I looked like an idiot, throwing myself at him, and you let me! You were behind all my worrying and tears. How could you? I thought we were friends! I gave you so many chances to tell me Braedan didn’t like me. YOU had so many chances to tell me. I liked you for THREE years! And you pick NOW to see me?” Kat finally paused, shaking her head. She could feel the tears pushing up.“It’s too late Dean. I wish you had told me long ago. And now I can’t trust you as a friend. How could you throw everything away? This can’t be happening!”

Dean was looking at her stunned. “I’m sorry Kat. I thought you must have known.”

“I’m sorry too, Dean.”

She fled after that. Into the dance, where she was surrounded by a sea of students. She broke down, collapsing into the first friendly face she saw.

“Kat? What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Chris!” she sobbed, “everything’s a mess.”

He just held her a while, not saying anything. Finally, after her tears had stopped, and her thoughts had cleared, she looked up at him.

“I have to go.”

“Honey, you’re a mess. Let’s go, washroom.”

He walked with her to the bathroom door. “I can take it from here. I promise Chris, I will tell you everything later. Go have fun. I’m sorry I put a damper on your night.”

“That’s crap. I’m always here for you. ALWAYS, Kat. Friends first. And I want to hear EVERYTHING later.”

“Thanks Chris.” She entered the bathroom, thanking God for her best friend. She gasped at the image she saw in the mirror. She was a mess. Kat groaned. “Why tonight?” she said aloud.


Corina stepped out of the stall.

“Cor! Thank God it’s you. Look at me! I look like something that crawled out of a horror movie!”

“Here,” Corina grabbed her purse. “We’ll fix you up. What happened?”

Kat tried to rewind to last time she saw Corina. She was still a little angry with Dean, but Mike sprang to her mind first. She felt a glimmer of happiness shine through.

“He asked me out Cor. I’m Mike’s girlfriend.” She sounded eerily sad, but she was still in shock from everything that had happened.

Corina was smart enough not to say anything about Kat’s red eyes. She squealed. “Oh my gosh, really?” You’ll have to tell me all about it.” Her face fell. “I wish I could be that lucky. Keith’s hardly talked to me. He just keeps drunkenly pawing me.”

Kat frowned. “I love you Cor, but I think it’s time to let go. Hope only floats for so long.” Kat had found that out the hard way. She patted her friends hand. “Trust me.”

“Yeah, I think so too Kat. I’m heading out soon, anyway. Mum’s coming. But I hope the rest of your night goes well.”

Kat had to hug her. For both of them. “Thank you for helping me clean up.” She pulled back and glanced at her. “Do I look presentable?”

“Always.” Corina smiled, and Kat was proud of her.


Kat made her way back to the main gym. She had no idea where Mike was, so she started searching. She nearly avoided Tim, who was chatting with Stephen along one side of the room. She headed the other way, and walked into some kids making out in a corner. Kat was more than a little disgusted, and then she noticed the green dress. It couldn’t be...


She didn’t respond, but as Kat looked closer, she realized it was indeed her sister. She was happy for her sister, but she was grossed out and walked away before they saw her there. Finally, she thought she saw Mike. She was making her way towards him when she ran into Lance. Great, she thought, he’s all I need.

“Well, look who it is. Kat.” He spat out, loudly.

He was clearly loaded. She did not want to deal with him right now. She started to turn around, but he caught her arm.

“I saw YOU kissing some guy! What’s that supposed to mean? Trying to say you’re over me? Kinda trashy don’t you think?” Lance was yelling now.

Kat looked around. She tried pulling her arm away, but he was holding it tightly. She started to panic.

“Well, I’ve moved on TOO! At least I actually HAVE a date, I’m not just kissing random people. You always were a WHORE!”

Kat grabbed his arm and pulled it off hers. Just then

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