A girl who didn't follow their footsteps...

I was running, pounding feet. Thumping, slowing like the rain that slipped down my cheeks. Pain was the rods that abused my feet. Running. I must keep running. My brown hair flying, and my long dress  rustling, I dropped the books. The sand beside the train tracks didn’t provide the traction my sandals needed, causing me to slip. Blood oozed from a large ugly scab that was seen through my now ripped dress. Pain enveloped me, it pierced me right to the very bone marrow. Woozy I scrambled to my feet. Just keep running, I muttered. I puffed, my lungs burned like a hot furnace deep inside.

I was running away, further away from my mother’s cohorts. They were the 'ladies' who wanted to make me into their clones, including short neon dresses, with a lack of shoulders and immodest bodices that showed off their thin, flat stomachs. They enjoyed the entertainment of rich, old snobs who had smoke and alcohol saturating from their clothes, hovering in the atmosphere around them like a glove.

I was running, 50 metres to the left there was a tunnel where the road crosses over the train tracks, I followed the tracks route. Thunder roared like the shattering of glass. I turned, ducking away into the small tunnel for protection. I was bent over gasping for breath. In. Out. I leaned against the wall. Autumn leaves floated down effortlessly as the harsh, crisp breeze swept through the landscape. The brakes of an old BMW squealed to a stop. Slowly, someone in the car wound down the window and peered with a long nose pointing out like an accusing finger. I pushed myself against the wall holding my breath until they closed the window and drove off. I breathed freely again. Never in my life had I been so scared. I was shaking so badly that it almost seemed like the ground was shaking too. I thought of my mum, how she betrayed me, how she never listened, how she screamed as she was abused and when she screamed when dad died. Her screams filled my head, rumbling grew beneath me, louder. Louder. And louder. I jammed my fingers in my ears, then a light overcame me. 

My father now stood in front of me, "Alison," he whispered, reaching out a claw like hand. "They were always placed there to haunt you. Listening to me was and is their charge." Shadows grew behind him as he stared into my emerald green eyes, "go!" Dazed and fearful I fell to my knees as the ground literally shook, I looked up, tears streaming and I screamed. They were coming, coming. 

That was when it hit me. I saw nothing more, as laughing filled my ears. But it wasn't them.



Alternate ending 1

I slowly opened my eyes, staring up at a white ceiling. I was in a small room. "Come on darling, my friends are here to see you," my mum whispered into my ear.


Alternate ending 2

I was shaking. I felt hands gripping my shoulders. My eyes shot open. Daphne, my sister stood there laughing as she shook me. "What," I grumbled, swinging my leg over the side of the bed.

"You screamed when I shone a light on your face." She giggled as she ran out the room. I turned over and slept.



(26 March 2016)

Submitted: January 24, 2021

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