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a short story aimed at children about a naughty fairy

Submitted: April 11, 2011

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Submitted: April 11, 2011




Once upon a time there was a little fairy called Elizabelle, she was a pretty little fairy with fiery long red hair in waves of ringlets ,Green eyes. She was a young fairy only 13 and was always in trouble.

Her sister Kelzbelle wasn't as pretty and had long brown hair and brown eyes but was always good and were getting top marks in fairy school

Elizabelle was a naughty little fairy and loved nothing more then causing trouble and pulling pranks on people.

"Why can't you be more like your sister"

her mother said, her mother had long black in ringlets hair and she had brown eyes.


"because thats boring i don't want to be a stupid fairy i hate fairys" lizabelle replied.

Elizabelle's dad is a Goblin which explained why she was the way she was. Goblins were naughty creatures always causing trouble n should be avoided but Elizabelle's mum was fooled by one called samuel. Elizabelle wanted a adventure so was planning to skip fairy school and cause trouble.

"Elizabelle its time for fairy school"

her mum called

"yeah sure im just about to leave now"

she replied innocently so that her mum wouldn't suspect anything kelzbelle had already left for fairy school.

Elizabelle left the house in search of adventure she skipped down the road picking the heads off daffodils on the way. fairys were forbidden to pick flowers it was against mother nature's rules. She picked daisys then picked all the petals off singing

"he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me. "

Elizabelle was in love with a goblin named Damien, an evil goblin a famous rocker goblin ahead her was a huge building looked like a bigger version of her school so decided to go take a look.


"Wow humans, human kids"

she shouted excitedly she'd never seen humans before. they looked like fairy kids but huge compared to fairys. It was a infant school and nearly the end of the day at school and the children were at desks painting. Elizabelle sneaked under the table and started tying the childrens laces together so when they stand up they'd trip she giggled and skipped away.

She saw a teachers room and walked in to have a look

"oooh what's in here?"

she said giggling.

She looked around curiously, she picked up a vase with flowers in tipped the water down the sink and filled it with a bottle of liquid near the sink she was unsure what it was and giggled.

She found some glue on the desk and put some on the chair and left the teachers room giggling the school was quiet.

Oh where is everyone she thought to herself she decided it was time to go go home but the door wouldn't open.

"Oh no the doors locked how will i get out I'm going to be in so much trouble"

she said now starting to feel a bit scared and hungy she went to go and find the kitchen to get a snack. She found the kitchen, there wasn't much to eat she found a chocolate bar in a draw and ate that. Then looked out the window it was dark how had time gone that fast she thought. She noticed the window was open and managed to climb out the window.

She started skipping up the path towards the road and back home and heard footsteps behind her she looked back it was a little girl with longish blonde hair in pigtails, pale skin wearing a pink dress, pink shoes,The little girl could see her and was about to pick up Elizabelle.

?"come here fairy i'm not going to hurt you"

the little girl said excitedly


Oh nooooo"

Elizabelle shouted and ran as fast as she could back home

"mum mum mum"

Elizabelle shouted as she ran through the door

"where have you been Elizabelle? we were so worried about you"

her mum said angrily.

"mum i'm so sorry i didn't go to school i went to the humans school and a little girl nearly got me and i'm sorry and i'll never do it again i promise"

Elizabelle started crying.

"well at least your'e home and safe"

mum said, from then one Elizabelle was well behaved and never picked flowers, or pulled tricks on others and went to school every day and got top marks.





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