Left Eye

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it is about a couple. true lovers.

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012




Left Eye


She always asks me a question, “When you were crying while remembering me, from which eye a drop comes first?”

I have no answer anytime, actually i had never cried for her. But still I tell her, its right eye. She smiles and hugs me.


Our relation should not be end this way. Priya saw me kissing Mira. But that’s not true, Mira forcibly came close to me and SHE kissed me. Priya went away from my house, left the marriage ceremony. I could feel that, to attend my cousin’s marriage is not so important then to save my future marriage with Priya.

I followed her. She took her activa. I took my bike. She was going approximate with speed of 70kmph. I also speeded up my bike up to 80kmph. A circle came, she slowed down her vehicle. I also applied break, but it didn’t work, I saw a truck coming towards me, I suddenly jumped from my bike. I had saved my life. I turned back to Priya; she got an accident with that truck. I went to her, she was bleeding badly. People gathered around, ambulance was called; I was just looking in her closed eyes. I used to say her, “your closed eyes are very beautiful”. But I didn’t feel that so anymore.

To save my future marriage, I ruined my cousin’s marriage. We all were waiting for doctor in hospital. Doctor came with sad expression. They couldn’t save my love. I had lost myself. I saw Mira; I went close to her and slapped her badly in front of everyone. Before all people asked me anything I left the Hospital.

Our relation should not be over this way. I went to our place, seashore. We used to come here at evening, seat side by side holding hands in hands and enjoy music of sea waves. I was alone then, I started weeping, I noticed, it was left eye for first drop. After few minutes my eyes were forcibly closed by something, I felt sleepy...


I am following her, I speed up my bike. She is ahead of me at some distance. She slows down her activa, I also apply break but it doesn’t work. I hear horn of truck, coming from right side. I accelerate more my vehicle, and crashed with Priya. We both fall down and get injure. But I save myself and my love’s life.

People gathered around us. Before anyone touches my love, I get up and hold her. We both reach to nearest hospital by auto. She doesn’t talk with me. We both get bandage on head and hands, I ask her “What will we tell to all?” She replies “You bother about it; I am not coming there.”

“Trust me, Priya, I didn’t do that myself. Mira forced me to do.”

“Oh, so in future may be she will also force you to marry her and you will do, isn’t it?”

“I am not going to repeat it Priya, please don’t punish me like this, I will cry badly without you, and you know, it will be left eye from which a drop comes first.”

She looks in my eyes; there is lots of love in her eyes. She starts crying, and first drop comes from her left eye.

We don’t go to the ceremony, we spend time outside. And then we go to our place, seashore. It is our place, because no one comes here. We decide to spend whole night together here. I put my head on her lap, closed my eyes and sleep away.


I opened my eyes. I was alone. I had beautiful dream, but that was just dream. The real fact was Priya is dead because of me. I felt so much guilt in myself. I decided not to live; I stood up, started walking towards sea.

Then a word came from back “Rahul?”

I got surprised, I turned back, and she was Priya.

She told, “Where are you going? I didn’t want to wake you up. I went to bring coconut for you. Here it is.”

I took coconut. I still confused.

“Come on, now we have to go back to the ceremony, I think it will be almost completed, and did you decide what will we tell to all? Of course not, you were asking me in hospital, right. So I only have to think.”

That was not dream? Or I am dreaming right now? I didn’t know. I was just following her. All things were amazing. We went to my house. Ceremony was completed. We entered in. My parents and Priya’s parents were talking in drawing room.

My mother stood up and came near to me, “What happened? You both got accident?”

“Yes mummy, a small accident, now please I need some rest I will talk later.”I left Priya and parents, went to my bedroom. I was happy and confused. What was going on? I was little bit tired. I lay down on bed, closed my eyes and slept.


She slows down her vehicle, I also apply break but it doesn’t work. I see big flash of light coming from my right side. I use my feet to slow down my bike, truck also slows down before it hit me. I have saved my life.

I turn back to Priya, she is watching me. As she notices that, she turns her face and goes away. I try to stand up to stop her, but I can’t as my legs were hearted.

Mira comes behind me; she brings me to the hospital. I am in bed, Mira is seating near me. She holds my hand with her. She is cuddling my forehead. Then I see Priya watching me and Mira from the outside the door, I see her crying. As she notices that I am looking her, she runs away. I take back my hand from Mira’s hand, and try to stand up. But I couldn’t, my lag is injured badly.

Mira helps me to lay down back. She starts again cuddling my forehead. I am feeling sorry for Priya. I want her here instead of Mira. Mira closes my eyes and tells to sleep as I need rest. And then I get afraid. If I sleep, this dream becomes real. I don’t want it to be real.

“I don’t want sleep, I want to wake up.” I beg to Mira.

“If you want to wake up dear, you have to sleep.”

I try to keep open my eyes. But her cuddling makes my eyes hard to keep open. I try to do not sleep, but at final I sleep.


I opened my eyes, I was in hospital. I saw Mira sleeping in chair. I stood up, it hearted me but I tried hard and went out from that room. I took auto and went to Priya’s house. There was no one in house. I thought myself biggest foolish in the world. I hadn’t taken mobile phone when I left the house to follow Priya.

I was upset. I realized then, she might be at our place. I went there. I saw Priya seating with someone. I was shocked and angry. I started walking towards them. The guy lay down in Priya’s lap. I got angry more. Who the hell is he? I can’t saw his face. I reached near to them, I shouted, “Priya?” Priya looked up, that guy also looked up, and He was me. I suddenly fell down there, felt like falling in deep darkness...


I also apply break but it doesn’t work...


Actual Real:

I saw Rahul kissing Mira. I felt very bad. I felt like lost. I went out from the house, left the ceremony. I knew Rahul will follow me, I took activa. I saw him following me with his bike. I thought we have to talk, so I slow down my vehicle at circle to go right side, towards our place, seashore.

I was turning my vehicle, and I hear big crushed voice. I frightened up and stopped vehicle. When I turned back, I saw Rahul got an accident with truck; he lay down on ground, bleeding from his head badly. I screamed out, started shouting for help.


I have ruined Rahul’s cousin’s marriage; we all are waiting for doctor in hospital. Doctor came out with sad expression. He tells he saves Rahul’s life, but Rahul is in coma right now.

Then one drop comes out from my LEFT EYE.


The end

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