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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This poem is dedicated to the essence of the wind’s gentle soul


Touch me with tender brushstrokes on the journey to morning

We laid among the stars until fading streaks of the sunrise glory

Wrinkled sheets of yesterday will tell our fairytale story

Delicately paint my skin with kisses all over, as your hands blindly roamed my curvaceous framework throughout the night

Emotions draped a naked canvas on a silken easel as passion leisurely took flight

A wet masterpiece of clenched hands imprints of its salacious plight

Engraved to set curious patron’s minds on fire

A runaway museum painting of brushstrokes, seduced on a canvass of wicked desires

A magic carpet ride softly defends me, a seductress by nature, a gentle sedative by degree

Umm, and please don’t forgot the soft spot behind my ear as you tease

Now you know that weakening attention always buckles my knees

Swoop me up in your arms

Enwrap my ambiance within honeyed poetic charms

Hum…choices to subdue, to give earthly due

Cage the wanton feline in me or feed the tiger his carnal food

In the jungle, as the say, the mighty beast roars

The rose petal scent of my silken aroma keeps him prowling for more

Channeling my weather, while knocking on my mental door

Open, shut, or leave ajar

Very interesting to see how minds’ shine, or to see how you can propel a star

Before it falls too far

Are you with me to unveil this beautiful piece of art

I love how you utilized all my soft body parts

Umm...handsome one, I think you forgot a spot, the canvas lays bare there

Spinning me as your hard brush springs into action, once standing, now floating on air

Moaning how you etched over my tender skin

As your brush dipped inside the rainbow, not coming up for air until you rediscovered the beauty of your masterpiece again

I have a buyer from a star who has celestial powers, in his presence he stands erect, to cause a rain shower

As a gift to show my appreciation for your gifted artwork of sheer dedication

Mark this everlasting day

I’ll send a summer warm breeze your way

Enjoy my mind, any way you can

I know a tide and time waits for no man

No promises as we enjoy the gift of a painted masterpiece

I really don’t need a light to set my heart free

It’s there for all to see, as you gradually come to feel the true essence inside of me

Thank you, as one must pay respect too

Softly groan out my name, and I will do anything for you

You sincerely allowed me to titillate you for an enticing mindful play

Connected as one, once we lay

Enjoy the museum of a hung painting

Whereas, the words in the canvas are vividly portraying



Submitted: June 13, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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