Adam's Rib

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Devine Man as he sits alone

A King without a Queen to sit on the throne

The gift to man, God’s spiritual song

Sleep Adam, you shall see

A woman to have to come unto thee

Rib now gone

Two kindred souls within paradise as they roamed


Such a beautiful earthly connection

Adam instilling his knowledge, his hopes, his desires into curvaceous of perfection

Ecstasy crowned, tree of life as one’s giving

Lovers in the garden, serpent slithering

Eve take a bite, your eyes will see the Dawn of light

Allow your mind to be your guiding flight


Apple, Eve have bit

Passed Adam’s lips, his teeth slipped

Without clothes, two lovers did flee

We hide in shame for now we see

Locked minds opened

Pandora box of sins now their coping

Defiance, for unlocking the spiritual Master Key

Souls deposed, for defying the Almighty Thee


Fast forward today, among a word of silk and lace

Man cannot live without woman, his desired rib chase

A love story that started before the land of time

Without chocolates, sexy lingerie, or sips of fine wine

Nakedness to Figs

A woman to a man, now his earthly gig

If we went back to do it again

Would life had been this bad, had those two not committed the original sin


Would unity stand strong

Would we all get alone

Violence, Hate, Racism, never heard of you

Ten Commandants would never have been written for life’s fools

Do unto others would have been the golden rule

Life lesson, would not have to be taught in schools

No God pities babies or fools would ever apply

We will all live like Gods, as time flies by

Earthly graves we shall have comfort in

If only those two lovers, would never have condemned our lives to wallow in eternal sins



Submitted: April 26, 2018

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