An Angel’s Heart In Exile IV

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Angels are spirits, but it is not because they are spirits that they are Angels. They become Angels when they are sent, for the name Angel refers to their office, not their nature. You ask the name
of this nature, it is Spirit, you ask its office, it is that of an Angel, which is a messenger. St Augustine

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018




The Third Heaven

Higher Angel’s Council Meeting

“Dear make sure you hold your head high, and convince this spiritual panel, you are worthy of your Angelic wings.”

“Mother, what is Archangel Michael doing here? I thought this was a closed inquiry.”

“As an Archangel, he has to be in attendance for all these council reviews. As an Archangel myself dear, I must advise you, if things do not go as you’ve planned. Michael will be the one who escorts you to earth.”

“Father, unlike Lucifer, I did not plan a revolt against the third Heaven, my sin to this kingdom was made of a poor choice.”

“I know that dear, however, this inquiry is mandatory.”

“Father and mother, I prefer your presence not be accounted for.”

“Dear, your father sits on that council.”

“Father, please, is there any way you could remain behind.”

“Dear, I am an Archangel. Have faith and tell the truth dear.”

“Father, how could I explain some of the flashbacks in my life. When I am down on earth, which. I never realized would be a deciding factor in my determination, things are much different than being in Heaven”

“You are my daughter, and I am proud of the work you have done in Heaven, and hopefully I could attest to, as we allow your granted visits to earth.”

“I will see you two inside.”

“Yes, father.”

“Mother, how could I explain all the…less than perfect moments on earth that father’s eyes will come to witness?”

“Dear, you have me worried. As the Superior Angel, I can only assume exempt behavior was modeled.”

“Ah…well… times mother...I.”

“Young lady, I do not expect to sit through an important meeting to determine your fate, and have my daughter’s life as an Angel on earth made out to be some kind of…of a distasteful showing.”

“Then I’m doomed mother, as an Angel, yes, I never forget my Heavenly creed, but on earth, and when my wings have been retained here. I live as a human.”

“Blasphemy child.”

“No mother, not in a bad sense.”

“Good, because, you had me worried. If your life span review is unsatisfactory, then I’m sure your father will be the one escorting you from Heaven in shame and then wraith. Now, what troubles the heart, regarding your flashback of your life span as an Angel that has you so worried?”

“Ah…well mother, I do write and...”

“Yes, you write God’s law for an earthling to abide by. How ever, do you think we have the hidden scrolls buried in Rome.”

“Uh…not quite scrolls…but I do keep journals.”

“I am aware of this. Archangel Michael was commissioned by Raphael and Uriel to submit some of those gifted writings, which would make your father and me very proud to be your parents.”

“Hello beautiful ladies.”

“Michael, how...oh, it doesn’t matter.”

“Dear, I would meet you inside.”

“Michael, please advise me those writings you submitted to the spiritual panel, would not place me in an unfavorable light as an earth Angel.”

“I only submitted two pieces from my memory, and one from my personal memory.”

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“You will have to wait to find out.”

“Then I will deny those are my scribblings, lie if I must.”

“Then my Angels and I will defeat you; whereas, not only will you lose your wings, you will be casted down with all the other Angels who tried to overrule the third Heaven with that state of mind.”

“Ooh, you could be so cruel to me at times.”

“As the Lord of the Angels’ Army, it’s who I am. And if you want that part of me to be revealed, you continue with such blasphemy than you shall have all of that part of me.”

“Fair enough, and I apologize.”

“Good luck either way.”

“Either way? I am at the crossroads of possibly losing my wings, and you say either way.”

“Yes, as an Archangel, I will miss that dazzling smile, soft brown eyes, but if you lose your wings, you become mortal until you earned your wings on earth, once again, and I still enjoy you, by shadowing you; you never know who I will show up as.”


“The mission is ordained, I do not think, walking around with wings on earth, it’s a big hit down there, good luck beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“If any of my scrolls ever reach the eyes of those Superior Head Angels, I’m sunk, Oh God, my heavenly father; home of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Azrael. If you hear my pleads, please forgive me. You know I am one of your most trusted and humble Angels in Heaven, therefore, do forgive me for my questionable actions on earth, this sheep has strayed from the flock, lost within the winds. You know my heart, before my mouth opens, or what my eyes will ever come to see. Maybe I should just stay in Heaven to right the errors of my earthly ways.”

The Third Heaven

The Higher Angel’s Council Meeting

The Inquiry For An Angel

“Can you tell the panel what prompt the questioning of you being an Angel as you were granted permission to roam on earth. You have practiced a model of extraordinary behavior. The Spiritual Panel would like to hear from you about this mortal man, this earthling.”

“Well…ah, this earthling called out to me from afar, when I was earthbound.”

“Is this earthling responsible for such an Angel, fallen to grace. Responsible for your actions to love as a human.”

“No, he is not the cause of my clipped wings. It was from Fairy’s Pixie Dusk, my Fairy friends and I consumed.”

“As my daughter, did you not know the consequences; you are an Angel to know right from wrong.”

“Father, they tried my Heavenly Angel Dust and I tried their Fairy Pixie Dust; during that time, I did not want to insult the host.”

“Yes, it appears we have received word for their Mother Superior, with written sworn testimonies to collaborate this.

“Do you love this earthling.”

“I can only say, his mind makes my wings weak, and my halo glow.”

“Are you willing to give up your wings for this earthling.”

“No, but I am willing to be severely punished not to be denied the aura of his presence; it’s quite addictive.”

“Is this a Holy earthling, an Apostle, a Disciple of God, this mortal man who has caused your fall.”

“He is a truth seeker. He studies the stars, times of ancient times. Greek Mythology. We share similarities, cold climate cradled our birth, same star sign, and we have a love of the stars, the galaxy, the constellation, known as the first heaven up here.”

“Are those the only reasons.”

“He writes of whispers unseen related to Heaven, and the knack of words, not of his time, but utilizes them, correctly, as sure as the sun rise in the East and sets in the West.”

“Daughter, the last occurrence you were forewarned of this nature.”

“Yes, I know father, but not of this magnitude.”

“If you were on this panel, what would you do with an Angel as you; what would be the appropriate punishment.”

“I wish I could turn back the hands of time on earth; I would have never peered into a soul, I would come to admire. I would never, allowed earthly emotions to rule my mind, and I would never have consumed Fairy Pixie Dust. I am truly sorry. I am a beautiful and gifted Angel in Heaven and on earth. I heal with the gift of my hands, help life come into the world, hold hands and pray as earthlings are taking their last final breath. I work alongside healers, surgeons. Spread cheers when an earthling life seems bleak, hopeless, run with the wind, respect the sacred oath by not eating of the fowl, or the swine. Not ever have lifted the trapped organs of an animal to meet my lips. Surely, that counts for something. I made a terrible mistake, and once again, I apologize.”

“This panel will take this under advisement, and you will know tomorrow, if you shall remain in Heaven or lose your Angelic wings and be confined to earth for a rebirth.”

“My dear daughter, tomorrow, we shall make the final decision and final ruling after your words, works, and good deeds have been displayed as an earthling.”

“I thank you Uriel, and the entire Angel Head Council.”

“And may God be with you child.”

“Thank you, father.”


Michael (Sunday), Gabriel (Monday), Raphael (Tuesday), Uriel (Wednesday), Selaphiel (Thursday), Raguel (Friday), and Barachiel (Saturday)


To Be Continued

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