Butter Love Sugary Twist

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I’ve got that love you wanna try that sends your tongue up and down my spine Book IV to Torn Between Two Worlds

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018





I’ve got that love you wanna try that sends your tongue up and down my spine 


Butter Love Sugary Twist

A beautiful kaleidoscope of stars, as planets align for a lovers reminisce

Strokes of your being melting me tenderly

Wet kisses up and down my spine feelings returned sincerely

Falling twinkling star

Taking my mind past the definition of far

Pulsates are racing, hearts crumbling

Palms to palms, lips to lips, bodies heightened in pleasure as their tumbling

Soft submissive mummers, echoing deep baritone mumbling

Palms tighten in surrender, slipping, emotional dipping, connected souls hasten fumbling

I see you liking everything, tongue plunging pass my navel ring

Embracing you in seductive Angel wings

Much love and admiration to Cupid’s fiery erect arrow and his straight bow

Passionate unleashed of shooting stars from a seductive butter rum blow

Umm…I thought you knew better, and I did coveted it real slow

Sinking the essence of your soul within a sugary twist, caught and locked in a tidal wave deep abyss

Gentle souls blown in the wind, a kiss for a kiss

Sweeten sprinkles of plunging declaration into a sugary twist

Butter Love bringing a burst of a rainfall mist

Showering the mind

Whispered words surrendering my time

Drilling into my inner temple

Butter Love melting my salacious dimples

Feelings sweetly conveyed

Bodies matting as we butter love parlay

Non-hurried touches as we sweetly twist and play

Oh yes you may

Trying to flee

Shreds of echoes keeps tearing at me

Sailing inside the canal of my wet sugary twist sea

Butter Love

Keeps softly melting my mind from above

Drowning in my soft brown eyes, enticing thighs making your inner thoughts rise

Coming for more inside my sugary twist

I have never experienced a yearning for a celestial body such as this

Butter Love Sugary Twist







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