Candle In The Wind

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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018





 Beautiful tears of the Heart

A handkerchief needed under the blissfulness, as a rapid pause erratically starts

Heartbeats fluttering on the wings with murmurs as it soars

The warmth of a rose petal coop laid out for a sensuous bird

The Doves see us, refusing to cry

Echoing our sentiments, as they flap their wings gently in the sky

Red Cardinal has landed in flight

As I call out into the night

O Blue Jay, Blue Jay, wherefore art thou Blue Jay

The moment has come for you to share your worm in carnal play

Bird bathed in lavender soft delighted feathers

Tweeting of unified melody as you’re channeling my raining whether

As noted by divinity a human cannot live by bread alone

As we soar to the heavens kneeling at God’s throne

Ordained and blessed, one plus one  now equals two

A halo for me and one for you

Commemoration of the first time you ever touched me, sheltering my presence when you lead

Freeing the Aquarian nature of my water bearer creed

You took my hand as you suspended my mind

Forever in time

My body you laid out on the bed of a Morocco sand dune

I saw the stars, the sun, the illuminating moon

Seeds to sow, planted deep within mother earth

The essence of man’s life to submit as you continued to grow, physiques now asunder from the coalition of its dipping rebirth

Oh, it was so beautiful, rapture of entwined souls, locked in a time one could never compare

Umm…I still have a lock of Samson’s hair

Up, up and away, feelings blanket the souls as the heart reveals to show

Balanced streams of life down below, continues to flow

Down to earth, spirits as one, we slowly descend as we go

Earthbound by time

Tantalizing lines blended in a rainbow by mental designs 

Starship as you beam me up at night

Could destiny have gotten this wrong, or has Fate gotten this right

Fly away Fly away, as one will never know

Wrap the eyes of your heart, and the spoken sentiments of your mind in a celestial floating bow


Transande Avèk Mwen (Soar with me)


Song of Inspiration: Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore

Love Ballad

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