Computer Love

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Computer Love

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017




Computer Love


As a stare into a blank screen

An unheard voice beckons me to wait in silence.

I take a deep breath, unbeknown to me, the screen is wishing me a hello from the other side.

I glide my fingers over the black keys, closing my eyes, as I feel your fingers gliding over the question mark key, to ask how I am feeling, the exclamation mark key, to profess your undying love for me.

A quotation mark waiting in ecstasy to await the response of my computer screen.

Sensual words vividly dancing though my mind, my raging emotions imprisoned within my thoughts.

Computer love; without your essence to feel my inner soul, drown my emotions in the palms of your hands, it’s a silent whisper that resonances so loudly in my ears.

As the sun rise and set, anticipation to an unknown face, quietly pulling me in with words from his mind, the emotions of his loins stirring in me, a feeling, which cannot be contained with the stroke of a key.

Data collected and memories stored, only to be enslaved to the daunting hope of a figure I could never come to embrace.















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