Cupid’s Muse

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Women are our most miraculous muse, an enchanted intangibility that encourages all art.

CeeLo Green

Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018





It’s dark, I need a spark to illuminate my lost way

When the mind has nothing more to give, nothing more to say

As I write my thoughts, my beating heart continues to pray

Cupid’s bow please guide me

Your embedded arrow continues to bleed my emotions to flee

Allow rapture of my words to continue to flow free

Whisper in my ear your beautiful lines

May they intoxicate my mind with inspiration as sipping on fine wine

Relishing in such a sweet captivating hangover

Sweep me up in your arms, lay me on a bed of silken covers

Your arrow in me is getting so weak

Yet, my handsome muse knows the vows I have taken to love as my mind softly speaks

Passion, desires, lust, emotions, as I write to seek

Emotions gladly spilling forth my heart in glee

Giving, receiving love in heightened euphoric peaks

Bodies fused as passion leaks

Cerebral cortex still holding on

Shh, don’t go, the melody is fading of a once unified mental song

Please tell me writer’s block has not captured my brain

Bringing the absence of narrative’s pain

A fate deemed cruel, until one pays the ransom with empty thoughts

No more passion, no more emotions, no more ideas one has not already sought

When words cannot appear once confiscated and lost

My Cupid Muse, I need you to mentally abuse

Shower me with perceptions for me to vividly use

Don’t allow my thoughts to get shifted where both of us lose

Covet my misty mind with ideas

Allow passion to circle faster than a Ferris wheel

Tenderly kiss my brain

Inflame my yearning heart with soft thoughts as you call out my name

Words to me are as an intellectual sweetly played game

What good is a diamond if it cannot shine, a sparkling clarity, yet cannot make a sound

Nobody can see it, when the mind is on lockdown

When I still have the master key, to unlock the sugary lyrics of my crown

Therefore, feel the words of my pleasure

Found in the deep abyss of my mind’s treasure

Cupid’s Muse

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