Dear Lover

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This will be my last poem posted in open Forum. Poems after today, will be posted in The Flow of My Heart To You Book III, however, I will break the mode and post this as an appetizer to say,
hopefully, to ponder some of life’s greatest adversities, including my own.

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



Dear Lover

Why do you spin a web of mangled words undercover

Come to me or come with me as the duty of a man

Erase all that remains through a misunderstand

Had I held your hand

I’m sure we would had made other sweet plans

Blanket offered for those southwestern cold nights

Reading me intently, now written decoded fights

Life moves on

Interpreting sounds of my words are not your song

A captured heart

You initiated from the start

Got to your head I see

By me just being me

Words are my life

Not meant to hurt or bring anyone daily strife

Keys to have once soothed you

Now feeling the pain of a misguided groove

Only trying to get great messages across

Now I’m thrown for a loss

Minds conjoined once upon a time

Slipped masks of a man’s mentality, imaged not painted, have long ago been resigned

Yes, I see you, words so enchanting vivid of blue skies and green

Deciphered words from the mind sounding so mean

Are you still turned on, to tune in

How did this all even begin

Dilly Dilly

Or was it Philly Philly

 To the beat of your own silent song for your eyes

Now, Just you yourself and I

Beating on a door, loud knocks heard no more

Ropes, chains, baby its all the same

Leveling the playing field under my name

If no one forewarned you, words have always turned me on, and that’s a fact

My poems, books will tell you that

I wish all nothing but the best

To anyone on front street, I nibble, maybe a little softer baby, but still yet

Dedicated to someone, I once admired

With all my fire and desire

An image of inspiration taken away

Left only with arrowed words to convey

 I thought this was all so behind

This is no blind leading the blind

I see you and you still feel me, trust me, all in due time

Words thrown in the mind of mental solitude

With a devil may care attitude

Hoping for one word in narrative to sail on

Since you can’t feel me, here are my words for you to press up on

Clock with echoing chimes

However, I really have no time

My poems are now written in glee

Until someone had the notion

To asked of himself, hey, is this about me

Not chance

If it doesn’t include any future romance

Or an invitation to a silent dance

You wanted worded foreplay to get you through

Here is a poem for your head without the pearly release from you

Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Take off those glasses, place that S back on your chest, and enjoy a dose of Purple Reign

Therefore, please do not change courses in midstream

Phantom of the Opera from a forgotten lover’s dreams

Signed Kemy


P.S, I am just trying something a little different here, this poem is not directed toward, “ANYONE” I am testing the angle for my future poems which could be found in, The Flow of My Heart To You Book III, however, if the shoes fit, wear them proudly my dear

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