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Submitted: July 06, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018





Desires to succumb, persistent, relentless

So here we are close together

Masterful weaver found within my dreams navigating, channeling my seasonal weather

Promises I made to soar

Have a soft spot in one’s heart for

Feeling the taste of your longing more now than ever

Sinking as I’m floating, thought I would never

Space of time echoing whispers to caress

Touches to my skin as a gentle obsess

Walk, run, or simply just let


You pour out your sentiments as I listen

Soothing, enlighten, a mental Christening

Catching pieces of your heart that I once reminisced

Kissed so sweetly, yearned for, yet, regrettably dismissed

Emotional armor is gradually thinning

A masterpiece displayed of its true beginning

Showcased once as beautiful encountered minds

Hearts now suspended by deviate designs


Stars twinkling, revolving, absence of blending

No heart mending

No whispering sending

No sultriness interlocked ascending

Transference of silken energy impending, craving for a comet hit

Falling prey to the remnants of a moonlight enticing kiss

Alliance of the minds, feast of the bodies, no rules to retire

Temptation pulling me into the flames of the fire

A blaze to feel, of its weakening desires

The curiosity of the Moth, long overdue

Passionate burning of enrapture felt, how can I ever lose

In my ear, sweetly whisper my name

As I moan against your chest, the reverent as you free my soft rain

As we sink, drown, and resuscitate the pleasure of our union

Bodies now in accordance of an earthly communion


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