Have Mercy On Who You Entertain

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Submitted: March 03, 2018

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Submitted: March 03, 2018




Mercy is such a beautiful word with forgiven intentions

At times with heavenly interventions

A hug at the moment to ease ill-related tensions

No shoes on my feet I’m soaking wet

I don’t know you man we just met

Have mercy on me and let me warm my hands

I understand

But no, you’re a man

Who is wet, with no shoes

If you give me a blanket, you will never lose

Door slammed in my face

An Angel walking this earth the first time feeling human disgrace

Could you help me with some food please

My cup held up, I’m begging on my knees

I got mine you could get yours

Another opportunity slammed by a door

Michael the Arch Angel sighs in disbelief

My heavenly father’s son got nailed for all this earthly grief

Help me someone, he’s got my purse

I sprint into action, no shoes, wet, hungry, but ready to serve

Police shows up, the woman is now confused

Ahh...the man was black, I…I think he didn’t have on any shoes

Curious eyes darted over to me

The purse in my hand I’m guilty as can be

The woman’s eyes look upon me with disgust


My heavenly creed I had to somehow mentally adjust

The judge looks at my Moorish face

I felt like an Angel who had fallen from grace

Condemned by the color of my skin

Guilty as charged guilty as sin

 The woman hugs her attorney her revengeful eyes enlarged

No remorse from her actions silently discharged

As I’m led away

I heard the woman say

See you can’t trust people like that

Their sneaky as sewer rats

Judgement Day

Sins of old speak with words to say

As the Arch Angel, I stand to the right of God’s throne

I look at the weary faces, to decide their fate will not take that long

A woman bows her head. Her life is read in spans

My child have you been kind to woman or to man

Yes, I go to daily worship I give my weekly ties

I’ve never stole, or even told lies

I pray on my knees every night

Accepting everyone in my eyes as being right

As the commandment thy should never lie

Have you complied

Yes, at best

Are you sure my child

Take a moment and think a good while

Yes, I have nothing to fear

Okay then my dear

Two roads to lead my feet

Your destiny you shall soon meet

Would you like to repent from the lie you just told

Not me, my life’s history is the guide to one of those roads

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

In life you had an Angel adorned

With a number in the system

Stigmatized as a black man with a striped uniform and plastered to his shirt, a long injustice digit

And you stand before me on Judgment Day and lie

As your life continues to flash by

I am not an earthy dictator

Your fate given by me, your Heavenly Creator

For this, you will be confined to hell’s damnation

Down with the other liars with no reincarnations


The woman looks up in shame, ready to debate

This final ruling no soul shall anticipate

You orchestrated the life of another

His color of another mother

And you never even knew his name

You showed no remorse or earthly shame

He came to your defense when you cried out to me

You were too blinded by his skin color is all you could see

For this, there is no second chance

In regards to such a hideous circumstance

Hatred Bigotry Discrimination

Will never stand on feet in my heavenly congregation


Hebrews 13:2

It’s ordained by me to you

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

So beware

To treat everyone kind

So you will never find

When your life span is flashed back

No one wants their determination to enter my home thrown out of whack

We all want to hear with joyous eyes of tears

A Job well done

Yes, I am a determined one

No more time to atone

This day I have been blessed to sit with God on his heavenly throne



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