Mirror Mirror

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Submitted: June 29, 2018

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Submitted: June 29, 2018





Mirror mirror on the wall

You’ve cracked and shattered at times but you are the fairest of them all

You see me for who I am

No false opinions to deliver no characteristic assignation or shams

You tell me things others cannot see

When my Creole creed befalls me

When I can longer please the world

Or soar as a Red Cardinal Bird

The times when I cannot be my best

Yet, trying to give away the golden egg after we’ve just met

Live and let for a thrill to get wet

Placing my faith back on the road

Where the price to sell my soul, outweighs the taste of the skin’s gold


Mirror mirror on the wall

Thank the heavens above, I haven’t taken any nasty falls

No smoke and mirrors, it’s all my call

The nurse in me as I heal the ill

The sins of my flesh I have loaned, yet, I’ve paid my earthly bill

You center my existence when no one is around

The only person witnessing my faux pas does not make a sound

My naked reflection when society has tested the strength of my salacious and curvature vanity

Giving one percent of myself to heal the indigent of humanity


Mirror mirror on the wall

I have taken the lumps and bumps within life, blessed to remain standing tall

Love, living, and laughter, the trinity of anyone’s inner Chi their divine temple

Live by those ideologies Karma’s deliverance becomes so simple

People of all walks of life I mindful admire

You catch my brown eyes as an interest, I will give you your heart’s desire

As we’re basking in the heat of your flaming fire

The essence of the soul we wear on the heart of our sleeve

In life there is no make believe

This is reality, what we put out in the universe returns to us, rather we kneel, stand, or rising from a fall

Mirror mirror on the wall





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