Mmm.. Mr. Sandman

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this piece while relaxing on the beach feeling the animalistic pleasure of letting the sand sift through my fingers, rubbing the gritty grains up my thighs and allowing my mind to drift into an erotic abyss to come up with Mr. Sandman, my sweet twist on the desire he provoked on the bed of white sands


Submitted: April 02, 2019

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Submitted: April 02, 2019



Mmm..Mr. Sandman

Night has fallen

The awakening of serenity enclosed tranquility

Specks of midnight dust welcoming a blissfulness on the majestic horizon

Naked in solitude 


Thoughts submerged by the vastness of rumbling oceanic waves 

My feet upon the dew of sand

Calloused palms gently roving up the soles of my feet

Seductively slithering up the path of toned ebony thighs

Deep pants of anticipation breathlessly echoed


Mr. Sandman caressing the treasured femininity of a heated need

Soft licks to the garden of my tropical paradise

Palming the back of my upper thighs 

Pulling me into sweet quivers of undaunted passion

Indulging on the sweet nectar of his temptation

My heightened lust


The bed of earth worshipping my spine

A beckoning tidal wave of ecstasy

Washing over me, enticing me, sending me

Engulfing sunken pools of yearning to plunge into

Whispers of promises to give, take 

Intermingling of such sweetened offerings 


Mentally bewitched, my body yielding unto obedience

Tender lazy kisses coating the temple of my Chi

The peaks of my breasts his lips to claim

Mouthing my nipples for the taking

My thighs opening unto the key of him unlocking the fountain of my seeping craving


Navigating the abandonment compass of such wicked desires

Sliding into the divinity of my whimpering ecstasy 

Clenching him tighter with the need to be dominated

To be netted, completed

Mesmerized, captivated, seduced in the realm of reality

Body awakened, praised 


Mr. Sandman’s girth sinking deeper

The hilt of climatic inoculation getting wetter, slicker

Legs entwined cocooning the epitome of manly perfection

Back arched, eyes closed, body set aflame 


The moonlight casting its powers to be for this enchanting lover’s game

Potion d’amour

Its allurement to the cosmic, we give, senses aligned 

The hunger to quiet the raging storm exploded

Silken rapture of a soft rainfall imploded

Two souls attuned to the calling of physical joviality


Mr. Sandman …. fulfilling my reality, pleasing me as a vivid wet dream

Groaning out my name over and over, his erection dipping deeper into a butter rum warm stream 

Making me surrender, my body gyrating unto a submissive soft scream

Pussy dripping with a honey lickable cream

Gently blowing away as the sands of time flows

Sighs of contentment until the night he goes

Harken unto the still of the night


The break of dawn coveting the blessing beyond the horizon 

The awakening of serenity enclosed tranquility

© Copyright 2020 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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