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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just random thoughts after running seventeen and a half miles in the midst of training for the New York Marathon in November.


Redemption in the eyes of the beholder

Sometimes in life the chip placed on one’s shoulder, feels more like a huge bolder

Yesterday, to my readers, I step out of my comfort zone

Negativity guiding my thoughts, hellish as they roamed

Not me, I will also say, it’s not my creed

Even in the midst of an expressive bleed


For the first time, my Angel’s wings were clipped

Thank God, they were cushioned before sinking any lower in darkness abyss

Today, thoughts more attuned

No more uncivil lampooned

However, if someone attempts to steal my mental treasure

Not pleasant, if I’m thrown in frosty weather

I like the sunshine of my own warmth, it’s always my spiritual pleasure

Cannot be measured


Random thoughts today

Now that I’ve had my day to say

Intellectual Slay

Now it’s time to get back to do what I do best, mental foreplay

Seducing your mind any and every way

Up, down, I will take you downtown, or turn you around

Don’t worry, I’m there with you

How else will you tell me what strikes your mood

As we're blending the musical strokes of our groove


The word Penthouse, hey, it just somehow slipped out

Nope, Victoria Secrets from my mind, after I tell you where to put your mouth

I always did like the wetlands of the South

I’m being good today…wink wink

Yes, stop and really think

Can I

Why no, and I am not telling any traditional lies

I am a published author, my genre is romance

Vivid images for us to mental slow dance

Not standing up

With three holes to cup

Tight screw, sipping juices, or tenderly pluck


You have eyes and hands, decide

I’m just here for the flowing blissful ride

This is what seventeen miles of running does to the mind in the morning

Shower, and then I’m ready for some gentle and caressing glory

Body still on a climatic high

Batteries working so bye

Coming and going in the blink of an eye

Heart beating with a rush, par me up now with a hard body for a mental gush


I did once write sultry narratives for amatory magazines

Submitted, offered, accepted, as it seems

It’s one out there

My…my…prolific literature to raise a man’s hairs

Volume 2014

Tips…. From The E Queen

Article to send a man’s mind to heaven

Twenty-Four Seven


Be Kind

To woman and man, and keep a positive mind

Random thoughts after a training run, what a perfect way for the mind to unwind

Of course, with a wicked twist

From my mind, with a tender kiss

To my favorite pastime, the male kind

To uplift

As my mind suggestively, drifts



Submitted: April 07, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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