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Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018





Adult Entertainment, risqué as can be, seducing the mind into a web to see

To mentally flee, for some not their cup of tea

Degrading emotions set free

This has never been a fascinating hit or personal mental trip

Somehow the topic landed on my poem’s wish list

To discuss, in as much, for a sensitive narrative as such

Various paid channels to choose from

Some seem to stick out like a sore thumb

A visual aid, and then some

Mood enhancers

Ask a man for their answer

I’m sure he would say it’s the ultimate advancer

His private lap dancer

No money exchanged to take a chance

For an uplifting palm romance

Men and Women parading the essence of their being without any shame

Silent action, arousing moans, no spoken names

Instant money for a skin’s game

Fame for some who has stake in a future acclaim

Lights, Camera, Action

Theatrical scenarios played out in all its splendid glorified satisfaction

Two bodies simulating reactions

Introducing your mind to its releasing stimulating abstractions

Single or your sexual partner

Man adding his watering hose as a woman’s Private Gardner



Phone Sex, better at the moment if you have just been vexed by an ex

Take my mind with your voice to dreamy places

No discrimination with races

Kiki, with the brown eyes, a blessing to some in disguise

Telling you what you what to hear, with small embellished lies

Whispering sweet words in recipient’s ear

It’s between me and you, no one else could hear

No scripts, no stages, only beautiful carpet ride grandeur lies

Tenderness, Enticing, Haitian Creole dialect, soft mummer outcries

Lifting the libido of the harder gender, whereas, it sweetly applies

Pulling the emotional silk over one’s hidden eyes

Words to the wise

Clients repeating

Half hour verbal meetings

Man’s seeds of life always depleting



Role Play, had to do the research, hey, I’m just saying

Stay in character as you are portraying

Masterful writers at this, words as vivid as they are mentally parlaying

Body involuntary withering as whispered ecstasy is playing

Praying for that rejuvenating outcome

Then you’re done

Moving on to mentally seduce the next one

Typing feelings, twisted emotions a mile a minute

What an eye-opening game changer to stay in it to win it 

Erotic narratives through and through

Lost in make believe, words of lust defining you

Back and forth, keeping up the fantasy pace

Thoughts wandering to save grace

Description of what one would do with the opening on the face

Love it or Leave it, it’s all legit 

Weakening words given, bit-by-bit

Friends request must be a hit

Enchanting groups, profile of several pics

Whatever your dogma is

Confidentiality, I’m sure is your emotional bliss

Just remember, relationships are the real deal

No substitutes for empty physical thrills

Adult Entertainment, Phone Sex, Role Play, it all takes nerves of steel

For this type of entertainment to pay the bills

Bleeding emotions

No devotions

Mental deviation to set one’s mind in motion

Massage oil in hand, or caressing love potions

Stick with the one you love

It was given and ordained from above

From my experience, it’s just not worth it to type emotions as one sits

Or Kiki Brown Eyes you shall come unto me and ultimately submit

Poem taken from The Flow of My Heart to You, III



© Copyright 2019 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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