Sweet Sixteen

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Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018




Being Sweet Sixteen

So, naive with all the young inspiring dreams

Some were outrageous, yet realistic as it may have seemed

I wanted to be a teacher, an actress, a flight attendant, a dancer

Model at best, a fortune teller to know all of life answers

Unfortunately, my great, great, grandmother being a village spiritual healer in Haiti

Somehow nursing was foretold to be the essence of my creed and to accept all its healing amenities

A profession without debate was decided for me, sometimes I try to escape it and just flee

Until I see an ill being walking on the mean streets in need

Why couldn’t my Haitian ancestors have been self-made millionaires

Then I would have been living on royal air

As much as my Haitian ancestors used berry juice mixed with herbs on the village women’s skin and hair

We could have made a fortune I declare

If I had one wish to be as I wanted, I would have been a scientist

A beautiful acclamation within my hands to discover such wondrous gifts, to give the general world population an uplift

Pending patents still waiting on the CDC and FDA wish lists

Sweet Sixteen

Youth, aspirations, vitality, non-judgments to be mean

School crushes, puppy love, umm...discovery of pimpled face boys

Their scribbled love letters was my greatest joy

Mark the box yes Mark the box no

Wow, such sweet memories one would ever come to know

School Choirs, singing songs

Proms, graduation, and then the yesteryears were gone

As the writer in me, which developed at a very young age

Theatrical plays in college was my once a pleasure of mine on stage

Pretending with words of inspiration

Writing now of it sweetest interpretation

Some would say, my mind tends to wanders to another time, another place, comforts of its oblivion

The secrets to traveling to an astral plane of another dominion

Time Machine

Open the door, so I could be sixteen once again, from there, allow my life dance to begin



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