The Song Within The Winds

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Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018




The song within the winds

Blowing so softly as a new day begins

Harsh to memories destroying paths of sins

Funneling clouds brewing within

Tornados of the mind going around and around

Not settled unto I come down

Land me in soft field of shame

Nothing still standing under my name

Rebuilt all that is lost

One could only keep their fingers crossed

Dark clouds stubborn to give way

Paths of destruction is all the heart could say

As the mind escapes to another day

Where’s there a will there’s always a way

Blow winds of serenity

Comfort my identity

Heart, mind, body, soul, all my amenities

I’m asking for your guidance of life on knees

Thank you and certainly please

Most eyes look behind the charade of words

Like a bird, seen, but not often heard

Once in a lifetime a morning tweet

The melody to ears weakening and sweet

Nest built pass the meet and greet

The wind will take you as far as it blows

Where your sovereign is erected only God knows

Therefore, nail it down, board it, or shut it up

Drinking from the rim of infamy’s shattered cup

I stand alone going against the grain

Leery now of society’s systematic pain

Here comes the winds once again

I have my sneakers on, twenty yard dash, in ten

Sheltered now, seeking temporary refuge

Watching the world spinning as if a centrifuge

It feels so good to get out and play

The heart feels what the mind cannot say

Since we all read from the same written page

My personal theatrical mental stage

No costumes to fit as the wind looms

Winds now blowing over far away sand dooms

Past all the rhetoric and daily gloom

Blowing seeds where flowers will come to be nourished until full bloom


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